Rules of entry

Rules of Entry


The GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO Awards) recognise and celebrate all contributions made to the evolving and developing mobile industry. Companies and organisations from all over the world are welcome to enter in our wide range of categories covering broad aspects of the mobile industry. These awards encourage and support entries which grow and enhance the mobile eco-system and advance the value of mobile communications with noticeable benefits to the wider industry.


The GLOMO Awards 2024 are open to all eligible mobile industry and supporting industry companies in the broad eco-system, as defined in the individual eligibility sections for each category. The broad mobile eco-system consists of (GSMA members and non-members) and includes organisations from vertical industries for most categories.

All products, services, devices, applications, solutions or initiatives submitted for the GLOMO Awards must: (1) have been available in at least one market or territory since or after January 2023, except where trials or pilots are eligible as per the individual category descriptions, and (2) they must utilise, be supportive of, deployed over, or accessible through mobile (or cellular) connectivity based on open industry standards. These can be developed, manufactured, delivered or provided anywhere in the world.


The ‘Rules of Entry’ as set forth here for the Global Mobile Awards 2024 (the “Rules of Entry”) incorporate the Awards General Terms & Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) located here. The Rules of Entry shall govern in event of a direct conflict. By submitting an entry to the awards, you agree to be bound by the Rules of Entry and the Terms.

The official closing date for entries to the GLOMO Awards is Thursday 16th November 2023 at 5pm GMT

Entry Form Submission

Entries must be submitted online via the GSMA GLOMO Awards Submission Platform with credit card of the appropriate fee.


Entries will only be accepted when submitted in the English language only. When uploading supporting URL links and files, to accompany entries (supporting materials) please ensure that they are in English. Videos in other languages are acceptable with English subtitles.

Entry Acknowledgement

Following electronic confirmation of receipt of the entry form by the GSMA, you will be emailed with an Entry Reference Number. This number should be stated on any payment details or queries.

Multiple Entries

There is no maximum number of entries permitted from a single organisation. You can submit as many different entries to as many categories as you would like. However, each individual entry submitted must be accompanied with a separate entry fee.

Should more than one submission featuring your company as a named partner be shortlisted for the same award, only the higher marked submission will be included in the published shortlist. This is to ensure that the GLOMO shortlists celebrate the diversity of excellence in our industry.

Entry Fees

Categories 1, 2 and 3
£ 500 per entry by GSMA Members / Associate Members
£ 550 per entry by Non GSMA Members

Category 4 – Tech4Good
£ 170 per entry for all Entrants

Note: There are no fees for entrants in Category 5. Category 6 is not open for submissions.

The following Awards are not open to submission; the winner will be chosen at the discretion of the Category Judges:

  • Category 1 – Mobile Tech, a) CTO Choice: Outstanding Mobile Technology Award
  • Category 2 - Digital Everything, g) Open Gateway Challenge
  • Category 3 – Device, a) Best Smartphone
  • Category 3 – Device, b) Disruptive Device Innovation Award
  • Category 3 – Device, d) Best in Show
  • Category 5 - Government Leadership Award, a) Government Leadership Award
  • Category 6 – Outstanding Achievement, a) Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry
  • Category 6 – Outstanding Achievement, b) Diversity in Tech Award

Start-up Companies now qualify for a £170 rate per submission.

To qualify for the £170 Start-up Rate, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must be less than 4 years old (founded after 01/01/2020)
  • The company employs less than 50 people
  • The company annual turnover is less than €1,000,000
  • Provide a URL to the company’s website confirming they are a start-up or a link to the company crunchbase profile must be supplied. Alternative sites will not be accepted.

Please note, if you incorrectly apply for the start-up rate and do not qualify for it, then your entry will be revoked and you will not be refunded the fee.

We only take on-line payment by credit card. We accept AMEX, Visa & Mastercard.

For queries regarding payment, please contact

Please ensure you mark your payment with your Entry Reference Number, which you will be provided with once your entry is submitted, at the payment stage.

Entries will not be processed until full payment has been received.


Payment & Closing Date

Complete entries must be received and paid in full by the final deadline date of Thursday 16th November 2023 at 5pm GMT

Entry fees are payable for each entry submitted, as above. One entry is defined as a submission proposing a device, product, service, application, initiative or company for one Award category or sub-category. A secure online payment system is provided by Secure Trading.

Additional Supporting Materials

Additional on-line documents are accepted for each category.

Video submission is mandatory for Category 3 – Device, c) Best Connected Consumer Device. Submissions for this award that do not include a video will not be considered and fees will not be refunded.

For all other awards, video submissions are not mandatory but will help our judges significantly in terms of visualising the use case and understanding the innovation and user benefits. See below for further information on video links.

For award submissions pertaining to an App, we request entrants to please provide a link to where the app can be downloaded on one of the main app stores, or your website and a redemption code for free access (if the app is not free) so that our judges can download and experience the app for themselves.

Please keep supporting information submitted to a maximum of:

  • One x 3-minute (maximum) video
  • One x 1-page document with further information, images, graphics etc.
  • One x 1 web page (which should be very specific to the entry) linked by URL

Video: Please provide a URL link to your video (e.g. via YouTube, Vimeo or other public, English language video platforms) on the entry form and if required, please make sure you provide a password. Videos should ideally be in the English language or with English subtitles.

Other supporting information to a maximum of one x 1 page documents, could consist of independent information or data, extracts from analysts’ reports, testimonials or press articles, graphics etc. to support your entry. Please do make sure this supporting information is succinct and clear.

Web pages: If directing judges to a website within your supporting materials or entry, please include a URL which is to very specific information relating to your entry, up to a maximum of one web page, as judges will not have time to search websites looking for the pertinent information.

The on-line entry form includes an upload facility for you to provide the above links and documents. You will have the ability to upload one files to accompany your entry up to a maximum file size of 5MB. These can be pdfs, jpegs, Word documents or PowerPoint, but please, as above, keep these relevant to your entry and keep the pages to a minimum of one per document

Judging Process

Entries will be judged on the basis of the information provided to the independent judging panel on the entry form and additional supporting materials, in accordance with stated category requirements. The decision of the judges is final. Details of the judging panel meetings will not be disclosed, nor will correspondence be entered into by the GSMA regarding validation or qualification of entries or the decision of the judges.

Accuracy of Submissions

At the time and date of online submitting an entry, entrants thereby confirm that the information supplied is truthful and accurate. If information is subsequently found to be incorrect, the entry or entries will be disqualified and withdrawn from the awards competition. In the event of disqualification of an entrant through the provision of inaccurate information or materials, the entry will be disqualified and entrants may not be notified.


Entries will be treated by the GSMA as confidential. Only details of the award winners and a shortlist of selected commended or nominated entries in each category will be published prior to, or after the presentation. Please note however that entries are judged by external journalists, analysts and many others for which we simply cannot guarantee confidentiality, so please do not submit information or materials within them that you do not wish to have in the public domain (see also “Promotion” below)

Nominees & Winners

The nominees will be notified, and announced publicly in February 2024, prior to MWC Barcelona (26 - 29 Feb 2024). The GLOMO Awards presentations will take place during the week of the event, details of the ceremony date and time will be published in advance.


By entering the GSMA ‘s GLOMO Awards, companies are expressly authorising the GSMA to use the specific text, video and visual materials submitted for the purposes of promoting the GSM industry in GSMA presentations, reports for publication, web site and media activities as well as all other forms of promotional/publicity materials post the awards event.

General Enquiries

For general enquiries regarding the Global Mobile Awards 2024, please contact