This year’s three-day agenda addresses how policy and regulation can adapt to new markets and growth opportunities that deliver true value for citizens.

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The Ministerial Programme 2020 is focusing on change.

Digital and technology innovation is pushing the boundaries of our industry and as demand for intelligent connectivity and digital services builds across new markets and industries, ICT is at the heart of every new ecosystem.

Industry change is inevitable but how we evolve and adapt to new environments is key. Structured around three daily themes, Ministerial Programme 2020 will focus on aligning policy discussion with smart growth opportunities and examine how regulatory frameworks can be adapted to support new markets that deliver true value for the digital citizen.

Day One: Disrupt

The advent of next generation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and 5G has seen intelligent connectivity bridge new markets and industries. By putting the digital citizen at the heart of innovation, how can disrupting the status-quo be a new opportunity for mobile?

Day Two: Enable

With every new technology introduced, value chains evolve as new ecosystems grow. In a rapidly changing industry, how are policy frameworks adapting to innovation and enabling change for our long-term future?

Day Three: Deliver

Discover the very latest in technology innovation as the spotlight is placed on leading technologists who are delivering change for society, not only for today but for generations to come. How will technology change your future?

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