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*Where thought leaders become change makers *

Where thought leaders become change makers

It’s a platform like no other, with an audience of thousands of industry leaders from 183 countries and territories. So, this is the place to showcase new products, find like-minded investors or lead the debate on 5G, IoT and the metaverse.

*Your speech, your stage, your choice *

Your speech, your stage, your choice

Gain business leads and followers the way that suits you best. Choose how you want to join the conference programme:

  • Stand-alone presentation
  • Joint client presentation
  • Demo launch
  • Panel seat
  • Moderator
  • Fireside chat

Discover the themes and topics around 5G, 6G, immersive technology and fintech, and how they’re shaping our industry and creating a brighter future.

How to become a speaker at MWC Barcelona

Here’s what to expect and when, once you’ve signed up to influence the industry.

Our commitment to diversity

Our platform is for all voices. Diversity and inclusion are all our responsibility.

Our events drive the global agenda on mobile technology, connecting 7.5 billion people to create a better world. We need our industry’s support to ensure our speaker lineup, partners and attendees are as diverse as the market that we serve.

So, however you are taking part in MWC Barcelona, please consider the leaders in your organisation who reflect our diverse community.