Lara Dewar


Speaker Bio

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at the GSMA, Lara Dewar is responsible for driving the Association’s global marketing and communications strategy to support and enable business success for the GSMA and its members.

Lara is a global leader with over 20 years of knowledge in industries shaping our world. She is motivated by the trust bestowed upon marketing and communications professionals to tell compelling stories that spark the imagination. Since joining the GSMA in January 2020 as Global Head of Communications, Lara has successfully shaped the organisation’s communication strategy during a tumultuous time and comes to the seat with extensive CMO experience. From financial services and energy to charity and telecoms, Lara has applied her strategic and collaborative approach to leadership to drive transformation in its truest sense.

Before joining the GSMA, Lara worked at World Vision where she held positions including Chief Marketing & Development Officer and Partnership Leader. In this role, Lara was responsible for reputation management across a $2.5 billion-dollar enterprise operating in 100 countries with over 38,000 employees. She has also held executive positions at Crossroads Media Group, Jameson Bank, Direct Energy, and Thomas Cook Group. The breadth of Lara’s career means that she brings a holistic understanding of how businesses work and the function of marketing and communications in driving growth.

Lara holds a B.A. degree in English & Women’s Studies from the University of Western Ontario.