Yolanda Sanz

eSIM Technical Director, GSMA

Yolanda Sanz

Speaker Bio

Yolanda is leading some of GSMA eSIM Activities within the eSIM team. She oversees the technical and test specifications creating agreements within the eSIM industry in order to define new versions of the eSIM specifications that fits with the markets needs and maintain the good quality of the GSMA eSIM specifications.

Yolanda also manages the Live Interoperability Test event that helps the operators and the device and eUICC manufacturers to improve the eSIM interoperability on the field.  She also manages the eUICC Identity service that providers the manufacturers their own identifiers to be able to build their own EIDs to identify their embedded eUICC.

Yolanda has more than 12 years’ experience in the Telecom industry, most concrete in the SIM and eSIM technology with different roles, including Standardisation Engineer, RSP Architect, and eSIM Technical Director. She holds a Master’s degree in Artificial intelligence from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.