Sergio Gago Huerta

Managing Director of Quantum Computing, Moody's Analytics

Sergio Gago Huerta

Speaker Bio

Sergio Gago, Quantum Computing leader at Moody’s set to explore quantum frontiers. Sergio started with technology early, founder of  5 companies before the age of 25 (3 of which are still in business today). The last one leading Acquire Media, company he sold to Moody's Analytics in 2020 after almost two decades as a CTO. He is now the Managing Director in charge of Moody's Analytics Quantum Computing business, after leading Media Solutions where he coordinated a team of data scientists, data modeling strategists and technologists.

Sergio's expertise lies on build on decades of learnings from artificial intelligence and text-based data processing blended with financial forecasting and risk assessment models to surface business insights earlier than traditional data modeling alone.

He also is the Academic Coordinator of the Masters of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at BTS/University of Barcelona where he teaches several courses and advise on student capstone projects. He is the co-founder of QCentroid, a quantum algorithm marketplace. Sergio has lived in 7 countries, and crossed the world several times, specializes in multicultural environments, remote, diverse teams. He is an active angel investor in early stage startups focused on deep tech and data.