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Manuel Marina

CEO, Idoven

Manuel Marina

Speaker Bio

Manuel Marina Breysse is a cardiologist, CEO & co-founder at a HealthTech startup: IDOVEN.

Manuel is a scientist with a master's degree in statistics and executive education. He has a background in basic and translational cardiovascular research and publications in high-impact journals, such as Heart, Circulation, Europace and European Heart Journal. With experience in R&D of new medical measurement tools, as well as designing studies and data collection pipelines for healthcare with thousands of patients. Manuel is focused on the application of long-term ECG monitoring, data analytics, signal processing, classification and prediction models based on artificial intelligence, wearable medical devices and optical mapping to solve cardiovascular disease problems: the worldwide leading cause of death (17,7 Milion (33%) of deaths annually) and the single largest cost driver in the global healthcare system (€800B).