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Immersive technology and 5G are fundamentally changing the way we live, work and consume information and media. As advanced technologies enable new touchpoints on the customer journey and business models begin to adapt, nothing engages attention like outstanding experience.

As the exploration of extended reality and metaverse continues, 5G will be key to enabling the latest innovations in the physical, digital and virtual worlds. The customer experience in the next five years will be completely transformed – and now is the time to start exploring how we can unlock this virtual vision and bring people closer together.

The intersection of 3D computing, AI, Web 3.0 and 5G are creating a new technology paradigm. Deloitte has called this intersection Unlimited Reality, and this what the Reality + track will explore.

Unlimited Reality represents the ability to easily move between the physical and the digital. It represents opportunities for companies to drive value by creating more compelling consumer experiences with all the facilities of 3D product and personal interaction, simulating complex operations (using AI to generate synthetic data to test scenarios), and better training or augmenting capabilities of their workforce.


Discover brand new immersive experiences this year at 4YFN. The futuristic, hands-on activities we’ve curated will allow visitors to explore a whole new dimension and try out the exciting and innovative technologies that enable the metaverse.

Located at the 4YFN Discovery Area, come and let your imagination go wild!

Explore Reality+ at 4YFN