*5G Acceleration*

5G Acceleration

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5G is unlocking untapped value for all players across the entire ecosystem. With millions of 5G devices and huge waves of new data being collected, we are redefining how the world connects.

Through greater software development, digital innovation and enhanced 5G delivery, mobile led platforms are becoming even smarter, creating new use cases and business models that will transform industry and enterprises. Our evolutionary path is accelerating technology towards 6G, quantum computing and more efficient networks. And this is a path with unimagined growth opportunities.

"We seldom realise the far reaching impact of change, when we are in its midst. The adoption of 5G is one such transformational change.  Its full potential is being realised only now, as the world transitions to Standalone 5G networks. At Jio Platforms, we are committed to offer our robust and field proven technology, which can help CSPs co-innovate new solutions for a connected future.”

Aayush Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President
Reliance JIO