New arrival for 2023: FC Barcelona Sports Tomorrow Congress

The cutting edge of sports tech now has a new home at the world's largest and most influential connectivity event, MWC Barcelona.

As data-powered insights continue to transform and expand the sports industry, leading global clubs like FC Barcelona are becoming technology pioneers – with far-reaching impact.

So, MWC Barcelona 2023 is excited to announce the co-location of Sports Tomorrow Congress at this year’s event – uniting two iconic Barcelona innovation brands under one roof.

The co-location provides a brand-new platform of opportunity for businesses and stakeholders in the sports and technology ecosystem – to convene, make deals and launch new products.

*What is Sports Tomorrow Congress?*

What is Sports Tomorrow Congress?

Showcasing the decades of knowledge that FC Barcelona has accumulated in areas such as digital and data innovation, AI, and health and nutrition, Sports Tomorrow Congress allows experts and attendees to share insights, discuss the future of sports industries and collaborate on new business ventures.

It creates a unique sporting ecosystem that brings together leading brands, universities, research centres, startups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors and visionaries from all over the world.

Exploring innovation from sport with a wider impact for the planet

AI has already had a profound effect on sporting success and venue operation through a diversity of models and simulations. The metaverse, with new human-machine interfaces, promises to unleash even more business opportunities – not just in sports stadia, but any venue with a high density of attendees.

As computers become more flexible and adaptive, they can accumulate learnings from the past to keep improving their performance. Sports Tomorrow Congress is unlocking the potential of the digital world to drive advances in the real world.

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