Sports Tomorrow Congress by Barça Innovation Hub

The cutting edge of sports tech now has a new home at the world's largest and most influential connectivity event, MWC Barcelona.

As data-powered insights continue to transform and expand the sports industry, leading global clubs like FC Barcelona are becoming technology pioneers – with far-reaching impact.

The co-location of Sports Tomorrow Congress at MWC Barcelona 2024 provided a brand new platform of opportunity for businesses and stakeholders in the sports and technology ecosystem – to convene, make deals and launch new products.

*What is Sports Tomorrow Congress?*

What is Sports Tomorrow Congress?

The Sports Tomorrow Congress goes beyond traditional definitions. It serves as a gateway to a domain where personalisation is actively changing the sports landscape. Explore the strategies that are shaping athlete performance, fan engagement, and the overall sports experience.

Our lineup of distinguished speakers and experts will unveil insights, share successful strategies and provide unique learning opportunities that could transform the way you approach the sports industry.

Join the conversation to shape the future of sports.

Secure your spot today and take the lead in sports innovation.

Exploring innovation from sport with a wider impact for the planet

In the world of sports, personalisation is on the rise and making a significant impact. This transformative trend involves carefully tailoring experiences to meet the unique needs and preferences of athletes and enthusiasts. It has firmly established itself as a reality within the industry, leveraging data, cutting-edge technology, and diverse resources to craft highly customised experiences.

By harnessing data and cutting-edge technology to craft highly personalised experiences, sports organisations are positioned to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with both athletes and fans alike.

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