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Kinetic Sculpture ‘Circulation’, Brings the Mobile Circular Economy to Life at MWC23

Kinetic Sculpture ‘Circulation’, Brings the Mobile Circular Economy to Life at MWC23

  • ‘Circulation’ by Kingfisher is a visual representation of how mobile devices can go on to live second, third and even fourth lives
  • Commissioned by Kingfisher in collaboration with the GSMA, ‘Circulation’ was created by artist collective Sun Effects for MWC Barcelona 2023
  • A spatial kinetic three-dimensional sculpture, ‘Circulation’ stands at nearly three and a half metres tall with a 14-metre-long aluminium spiral rotating on a central axis
  • Visually imposing, the spiral encases 80 refurbished phones, their displays wirelessly synched, acting as windows into the circular economy
  • ‘Circulation’ is located in the GSMA Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand 4F30

Barcelona, 27th February 2023 - Kingfisher, the next-gen mobile experience company, in collaboration with the GSMA, is bringing the mobile circular economy to life at this year’s MWC Barcelona (MWC23). Located centre stage in the GSMA Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand 4F30, ‘Circulation’ is a kinetic sculpture created to highlight how through circulation, mobile devices can go on to live second, third and even fourth lives.

Created by renowned Helsinki and Tokyo-based artist collective, Sun Effects, ‘Circulation’ is a kinetic three-dimensional sculpture standing at nearly three and a half metres tall with a 14-metre-long aluminium spiral rotating on a central axis.

Visually imposing, the spiral encases 80 refurbished phones, acting as windows into the circular economy, their displays synched1 to create one big continuous screen. The continuous kinetic movement of the piece is paired to a bespoke soundscape2, turning these devices from phones, into tools of expression, to denote the concept of circulation. From having had at least one life, these devices come together to form a kinetic sculpture, before they are then refurbished and circulated back into use.

Georgiann Reigle, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Kingfisher commented: “All over the world, people are making consumption and lifestyle decisions with the environment in mind. They’re donating, recycling and buying ethically, with more and more consumers expecting brands to do the same. Within the telco space, recent studies have highlighted, out of the 1.4 billion new phones forecast to be shipped in 2022, 83% of emissions will come from their manufacture, shipping, and first-year usage.

“This art piece, ‘Circulation’, was borne in collaboration with the GSMA, and aims to demonstrate that through maximising the longevity of devices, it’s possible to extend their lifetime across two, three or maybe even four owners.

“A thriving circular economy means that everyone benefits; from consumers who want the latest phones with exciting new features, to carriers who reap the rewards of having happy customers - all whilst drastically reducing the environmental impact on the planet.”

Steven Moore, Head of Climate Action at the GSMA said: “One of the telecoms industry’s biggest environmental impacts is from customers accessing connectivity through connected devices. Extending the lifetime of all smartphones in the world by just one year, has the potential to save up to 21.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually by 2030, equal to taking more than 4.7 million cars off the road.

“Our collaboration with Kingfisher shows there is another way; that through a circular economy, we can drive the industry towards a sustainable future where devices have as long a lifetime as possible limiting the impact on the environment without limiting choice for consumers.”

Sustainability was the guiding principle throughout the creation of the sculpture; from concept development and the materials that were used, through to the modular design of the piece which makes it easy to transport in the most ecologically possible way. After MWC23, all 80 used smartphones will be circulated back to live a third life through Kingfisher’s collaboration with GSMA.

With sustainability high on the agenda at this year’s MWC Barcelona (MWC23), ‘Circulation’ is a collaboration between Kingfisher and the GSMA to raise awareness of the value of used devices and encourage the industry to move from a take-make-waste model to a circular, more sustainable approach.

Kingfisher is hosting a panel discussion in partnership with the GSMA and Mobile World Live on the theme of ‘Navigating the Circular Economy for Mobile’ on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 from 11:30 to 12:00pm in MWC Hall 4, Broadcast Studio. Taking part in the discussion will be Georgiann Reigle, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kingfisher, Steven Moore, Head of Climate Action, GSMA and Amy Wettenhall, Group Owner - Mobility, Telstra.

In 2016, the mobile industry was the first to commit fully to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The GSMA has set a climate ambition on behalf of the industry to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


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Notes to editor:

1The software to wirelessly link and synchronise each of the phone displays was specifically developed for the project.

2The technologically inspired music segments, designed to put the audience at the centre of the piece, utilise percussive and abstract vocal panning to convey circular motion.

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Quote from Matti Jykylä, Co-founder and Artistic Director at Sun Effects: “The movement and physical form of the piece came from the idea of a phone passing from one person to another; Of taking a device and morphing it into something else; a bigger tool of expression beyond its original use and purpose, which would then go back into circulation. By its very nature, the piece is temporary; from circulation and back into circulation, hence the name.

“The conceptual challenge was how to take devices that have been used before and bring them to life. This was followed by the technical challenge of how to have these devices playing together to create the illusion of a connected screen - the software didn’t exist so we had to create it.”


Artistic Director: Matti Jykylä

Account Management: Toni Nikiforow

Producer: Niila Leppänen

Senior Technical Designer: Antti Puurula

Technical Production Management: Tuomas Rio

Light Design: Sami Rautaneva

Sound Design: Antti Puumalainen

Industrial & Mechanical Design: Perttu Multamäki

Visual Design: Marko Vierimaa

Mobile Content Delivery & Management: Joonas Toivonen