Registering (incl. codes and invitations)

  • Where do I register?

    All registrations must be completed online before arriving at the venue. To start your registration please go to our website.

  • Can I register onsite?

    No. We no longer have registration facilities onsite and all attendees must be registered before they arrive.

    If, for some reason, your registration is not complete or you are registering for the first time, you will need to use your mobile device (and mobile data) to complete your registration. You should allow extra time for this as you will need to have your ID document validated which can take time at busy periods.

  • Is there a registration deadline?

    The registration system remains open throughout the event, however all attendees need to have their ID document validated before arriving at the venue and processing times vary. To avoid any issues, please make sure that you have completed your registration and had your ID document validated before you arrive. Your registration account will clearly display whether you have completed all mandatory information and are ready to enter the venue.

  • I am having problems completing my registration, what can I do?

    If you have any issues during your registration, we have a chat facility at - just look for the chat symbol in the bottom right hand corner.

  • How do I apply for a Press / Industry Analyst accreditation?

    To apply for a Press / Industry Analyst pass please visit the Press Zone to check our application criteria and start your application.

  • I applied for Press / Industry Analyst Accreditation and am still waiting to hear if it has been accepted.

    The Press team is reviewing your application and will respond shortly to advise if you have been approved.

    Please allow 14 working days while we review your application for a press pass. If you have not heard from us after this time, please email

  • Can I register for more than one person?

    No, you can only register in full for your own pass.

    You can purchase passes for others by selecting Group Purchase from your registration account home page. Once purchased, attendees must log into their own accounts and complete the photo and ID document validation process. Attendees will be refused entry to the event if this information has not been provided, and validated before they arrive at the venue.

  • Is there a minimum age to attend MWC Barcelona?

    Yes, the minimum age to attend MWC is 16 years of age.

  • How do I get my GSMA Member discount code?

    Please check the process here

  • My code has expired what should I do?

    If your registration code has expired, please contact the person who sent you the code for assistance.

  • Are there any registration or discount codes available?

    Invitations are sent exclusively from Exhibitors, Partners and Sponsors directly to their staff and guests.

    Only attendees from GSMA Member organisations are eligible for a discount on pass purchases. For more information on becoming a GSMA member, please visit the GSMA website or email

  • How can I register for the Ministerial Programme?

    The Ministerial Programme is an invitation only event targeted at senior government and industry representatives.

    All information about the event can be found on the Ministerial Programme website.

  • I have problems with my registration code, what can I do?

    If you have issues with your registration code, please contact the company who sent you the invite in the first instance. If the code is valid but still not working, please contact

  • How can I register myself as a speaker?

    If you have been confirmed as a Conference / Keynote speaker, you will be contacted directly by the speaker management team with instructions on how to register.

    If you are speaking at an event or programme other than the official Conference programme, please contact the organiser for that event for instructions on how to register.

  • How can I upgrade my pass?

    You can upgrade your pass from the home page of your registration account.

  • I wish to bring an accompanying Minor to the Event. How do I request GSMA's approval?

    Should you wish to bring an accompanying Minor to the Event, you must complete the Minor's Authorisation of Access Form that you will find here.

    Please remember that the process to approve the entry for a Minor can take up to 72 hours and any onsite requests may significantly delay your entry to the Event, so we encourage you to submit the form well in advance of the Event.

ID Validation

  • What forms of ID can I use to register?

    Only valid passports or EU national ID cards are accepted to complete your registration for MWC Barcelona.

  • Will I still be allowed entry into MWC if I do not provide my ID document information?

    Attendees whose ID document has not been previously validated will not be able to complete their registration, access their Digital Access Pass or enter MWC.

  • How can my invited attendees submit their ID documents?

    Your attendees will receive instructions via email on how to access their account and submit this information. When they first log in, they will be asked to add in some further personal information and then will be taken through the ID document validation process.

  • Why are you validating my ID document?

    As part of our overall venue and citywide security plan, in partnership with the Host City Parties and the Catalan Police (Cos de Mossos d'Esquadra), we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment at MWC.

    Validating the authenticity of your ID document certifies your identity and prevents fraudulent activities such as false representation or identity theft.

  • How are you collecting ID document information?

    ID document information is collected from the scanned image of the ID document that you have uploaded into your registration account. The data is extracted from the MRZ code and Visual zone on your ID document.

  • How can you ensure the security of my personal data?

    We utilise industry-recognised encryption within the systems that collect personal data. Additionally, the GSMA and Fira have commissioned a third-party penetration test and systems audit to ensure the security of personal information.

  • Why are you verifying my identity onsite?

    Verifying your identity each time you access the venue ensures that only authorized attendees are granted access to the event.

  • How do you validate my ID document?

    You can choose to have your ID document validated through any one of the following options:

    Option 1: Automatic ID document validation:

    Automatic ID document validation enables instant validation of your ID document. You will be requested during your registration to scan your ID document. Our online registration system will automatically collect information from your ID document and undertake image analysis to compare your ID portrait photo with the separate photo you provide. As we will generate and compare biometric information from both photos for the purpose of certifying your identity, we will first ask for your consent to the uploading of your ID document and processing of your biometric information before you use this option.

    Option 2: Manual ID document validation:

    You will be requested during your registration to scan your ID document. Our registration system will collect information from your ID document and a GSMA representative will manually compare your ID portrait photo with the separate photo you provide. The process of validating your ID document may take up to 3 days. We will not generate any biometric information as part of this option. However, we will still ask for your consent before you upload your ID document.

    Option 3: Offline ID document validation

    This option involves your ID document being validated through a video identification call with a GSMA representative. Whilst you will not be requested to scan your ID document, you will have to manually input some data from your ID document.

    In addition, you will have to provide a separate photo of your face for us to verify your identity each time you access the venue.

    This process can take up to 72 hours at busy times.

  • How do you verify my identity each time I access the venue?

    Prior to the event, you will receive your Digital Access Pass on your mobile device, within the MWC Series App / Registration account, in the form of a QR code. When entering the venue, our access system will scan your QR code, and the Digital Access Pass photo will be displayed on our screen. Our staff will compare the Digital Access Pass photo with your face to verify your identity and allow you access to the event.

Visa Support

  • Visa Information

    It is your sole responsibility to take care of visa requirements. If you require a VISA support letter to attend MWC Barcelona 2024, please request one via the registration system after you have completed your registration.

    For more information please contact the closest Spanish embassy or consulate in your territory

  • Do I require a visa to enter Spain?

    Please read the information here to understand whether you need a Visa to enter Spain.

    If you do not require a visa, you should not apply for visa support as the GSMA will not issue supporting information for nationalities that do not require a visa.

  • When can I apply for my visa?

    GSMA can provide you with a supporting invitation letter which you can request through your registration account after your registration is fully completed and any outstanding payment is settled.

    Because GSMA Ltd. is a US-based organization, and its GSMA Group affiliates are UK and EU based organizations, GSMA Ltd. must comply with all applicable US, UK and EU trade sanctions. Those trade sanctions prohibit GSMA Ltd. from issuing a visa invitation letter to delegates from Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, as is also the case for delegates from other countries or territories who have been designated as sanctioned persons by the US, UK and/or EU authorities.

    Please note that regardless of your personal visa invitation, you will not be permitted to access GSMA Ltd. events if the company you represent is subject to US, UK and/or EU trade sanctions. If you are unsure whether U.S. sanctions apply to you or your organization, please contact us at

  • How do I request a visa support letter?

    To request your visa support letter, you should login back to your registration account, go to Apply for a Visa Letter and complete the Passport Information section.

    Your visa support letter will be sent to your main email account as a PDF attachment only when you have completed your registration, settled any outstanding payment and had your ID validated.


    • Visa support letter requests are processed within 24 hours following full completion of your registrationVisa support letter will only be issued for the period of the event and for entry into Spain. No other date requests or countries will be supported
    • It is recommended that you check the full requirements for a visa application, allowing plenty of time to provide the necessary documentation from the institution the application is being processed through
    • Information provided and visa issuance is beyond GSMA’s control. GSMA is not liable for visa processing and issuance/outcome
    • We can provide assistance with Visa support letters to Registered Attendees only
    • The above terms apply to both attendees and exhibitors
    • Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for cancellation conditions. There is a no refund policy in place. GSMA will not refund registration fees in cases of the applicant’s failure to obtain a visa
  • Need visa support?

    Select ‘Visa support letter’ from the dropdown menu in our help centre for more information about visas and what we can do to assist you.

My Registration Account

  • How can I recover my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting the registration website, clicking on the ‘Sign In’ button and then the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You will be offered a choice of receiving a reset link via email or SMS.

    Please check your junk / spam folders for the email if you did not receive it.

  • How can I unlock my account?

    To unlock your account please contact:

  • Why am I not receiving communications?

    There are many factors why emails may not be received and is probably down to the individual mail server settings or the spam filtering used by your company. Please check your spam folder and contact the IT department of your company to ask them to whitelist

  • Can a fake email address be used for attendee registration?

    A valid email address is required to register for MWC. If you do not use a valid address, you will not receive any invitations, confirmation of your registration, visa support letters, password recovery and other important registration emails.

    If you wish to manage other emails that the GSMA may send to you, please access the Email Preference Centre to manage your opt-in choices.

  • I don’t have an email account to register. What should I do?

    All attendees are required to provide an e-mail address to complete their registration. We use the email address to create your account and send you confirmation of your registration as well as other important registration information.

  • How can I add an alternative email address to my registration?

    You can opt to add an additional email address during the registration process or you can log back into your registration account and update your Contact Information

    You will receive copies of your registration emails (except password reset or visa support letter) to this additional address.

  • How can I change my contact information?

    If any of your information has changed, just log back into your account and edit your Contact Information. Please note, you will not be able to change your email address. Please contact
    for assistance.

  • How can I stop receiving GSMA emails?

    You can unsubscribe from GSMA emails here. You will still receive all emails relating to your registration.

  • Can I still access my registration account?

    Yes. Whilst registration for the 2023 is now closed, you can still access your account to download invoices / receipts.

Payments, Refunds & Cancellations

  • What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept payment by American Express, MasterCard, or Visa.

    Note: Visa debit cards may not be accepted outside of the country of origin and / or your bank may decline large transaction amounts. For more information, contact your bank directly before attempting payment.

  • What currencies do you accept?

    Payments are accepted in Euros only.

  • Can I pay by wire / bank transfer?

    This facility is only available for large payments (currently €5,500 incl. VAT) and will become automatically available in the system when you reach the payment stage.

    The deadline for making payment is 9 February 2024. As there are no onsite facilities, payment must be made prior to this date. Registrations after this date must be paid for by credit card.

  • Can I cancel my pass?

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Cancellations, as well as ‘no shows’ will be liable for the full registration fee. Cancellation of travel and hotel reservations are the responsibility of the registrant. Please consult the Attendee Terms for full details.

    Exhibitor and Partner Registration System ("E&P") users with complimentary allocations should log into their account and check the registration status of the pass they wish to cancel. Please consult your E&P User Guide for further information.

    If you received a complimentary pass or purchased a pass from an Exhibitor or Partner, cancellation or substitution may be at their discretion. Contact the Exhibitor or Partner for more information.

    Paid attendees can send a substitution request if they are no longer able to attend. Please email for more details on substitutions.

  • Can I downgrade my pass?

    Downgrades of passes are permitted but will still be liable for the full registration fee of the original pass purchased. For more information, please see our Attendee Terms.

  • How can I change my invoice data?

    Please email specifying precisely what details would you like to change and how would you like them to appear on the invoice. Once received, we will proceed with the modification as soon as possible.

  • How can I claim VAT back?

    The GSMA does not promote a tax compliance and recovery service for MWC. This is due to differing standards of service and delivery available to different attendees and exhibitors in different countries. You may wish to undertake a search in your country for a reputable service provider and/or engage with your accounts or auditors for a recommendation specific to your organisation and country.

  • I can no longer attend the event, can I substitute my pass?

    If you are no longer able to attend and want to give your pass to a colleague, please contact if you have purchased your pass. If you were sent an invitation or registered by someone else, please contact them to request a substitution.

Venue Access

  • What do I need to access the venue for the event?

    All attendees will need an active Digital Access Pass to enter the venue. Please see the Digital Access Pass section below for more details.

  • Can I use the Digital Access Pass during build-up and dismantling periods?

    Yes – the Digital Access Pass can be used from the commencement of the build period (14 February) onwards as long as your pass type has Extended Hours. This is shown with a star symbol

  • What is extended hours access?

    Passes with Extended Hours access allow exhibitors, partners and other groups, access to the venue outside of event hours and during the build and dismantle periods. Full details on Extended Hours dates and times are available in the Online Event Manual.

    If your Digital Access Pass has Extended Hours access, you will see a white star symbol underneath the QR code on your pass.

  • Which passes have extended hours access?

    The following pass types have Extended Hours access:

    • Exhibitor / Partner Staff
    • Leaders (Exhibitor accounts only)
    • VIP (Exhibitor accounts only)
    • Speaker
    • Official Contractor

  • Do exhibitors have access during build up and dismantling?

    Exhibitor / Partner Staff passes have Extended Hours access and can be used from the start of the build period through the end of the dismantle period - 14 February to 5 March 2024.

  • How do I get access to the venue for build-up if I don't have a Digital Access Pass?

    All persons who need access during the build-up and dismantling period will need to apply through the Contractor Accreditation System. Service providers (contractors) will be given an account via their exhibiting company in order to register their staff.

Digital Access Pass

  • Where can I find my Digital Access Pass?

    The Digital Access Pass can be found in the MWC Series App

  • What does the Digital Access Pass look like?

    The Digital Access Pass when active will be a full screen view with your photo, a QR code and your pass details on it.

  • When will the Digital Access Pass be available?

    The Digital Access Pass will be available from February 2024.

  • Can I use my Digital Access Pass for build up or dismantling?

    Yes – the Digital Access Pass can be used from the commencement of the build period (14 February) onwards as long as your pass type has Extended Hours. This is shown with a star symbol.

  • Do I need my Digital Access Pass inside the venue?

    Yes, if you are attending any conference / programme sessions you will need to scan your Digital Access Pass for entry. Your Digital Access Pass can also be used for lead retrieval.

  • My battery has run out and I cannot access my phone

    You will need to charge your phone and ensure you can access the Digital Access Pass before you can enter the venue. Alternatively, you can log into your registration account from an alternate device (e.g. laptop) and display the pass from here

  • My device is not working / has been lost / stolen, how can I get in?

    You will need to use a replacement device or tablet to display your Digital Access Pass from your registration account.

  • Is Wi-Fi available for me to use my Digital Access Pass?

    Wi-Fi will be available in select areas around the venue but in some external access areas you may be required to have a data plan to access the app and your Digital Access Pass.

  • Is there any other way to access my Digital Access Pass?

    If you are unable to or do not wish to download the event app, you can access your Digital Access Pass from the homepage of your registration account.


  • How do I get the MWC Series app?

    The app is available via the Play Store, App Store and Huawei App Gallery

  • I can't login to the MWC Series App

    Your login details are the same details that you used for your registration account. If you have forgotten your password, please go to your registration account and follow the instructions to reset your password via the login button.

  • I can't download the MWC Series App

    If you are unable to download the app from any of the available stores, you can access your Digital Access Pass from your registration account. However if you can download the app, please do so.

Networking Badge

  • Are you providing a networking badge again this year?

    Yes. For 2024, we will provide all attendees with a networking badge the first time that they enter the venue.

  • Can I use my networking badge to enter the venue?

    No, you are not able to use your networking badge to access the venue. You will always need to be able to display your Digital Access Pass to enter the perimeter (as well as the Ministerial Programme perimeter, if you have been invited)

  • What can I use my networking badge for?

    Apart from a way to be identified when networking at the venue, your networking badge can be scanned for lead retrieval purposes and can also be used to access conference and other scanned sessions within the venue (subject to eligibility, not permitted for Ministerial Programme perimeter)

  • Will I get a networking badge every time I enter the venue?

    No, your networking badge will only be printed once. When you return to access, we will scan your Digital Access Pass and then go straight into the venue.

  • I have lost my networking badge / I have left my badge at the hotel

    There are a limited number of reprint stations at South Entrance, North Entrance and the VIP Car Drop Off. You can only collect your own badge and reprints are limited to 1 per attendee.

Data Privacy

  • Who will access and process my personal data during the registration process?

    In addition to GSMA (the owner and organizer of MWC) as data controller, your data will also be processed by the following third parties as part of the registration process.

    • Jemex Ideas Co;
    • Fira de Barcelona;
  • Where will my personal data be stored?

    Attendee personal data will be stored on servers located in the European Economic Area (EEA). Whilst any and all biometric data processed as part of an attendee choosing to automatically validate their ID will only be accessed from within the EEA, non-biometric data submitted as part of the registration process may, on occasion, be accessed from outside of the EEA as part of administering the event registration process.

  • When my personal data will be deleted?

    Your personal data will be deleted as follows:

    • Global Event account profile: This will be deleted after 12 months from the last time you logged in / accessed your Global Event account.
    • ID document data: This will be deleted 24 hours following the end of the event dismantle and no later than 6 March 2024.
    • Digital access pass photo: This will be deleted 24 hours following the end of the event dismantle and no later than 6 March 2024.

    Biometric Data: Where you have chosen to register via Automatic ID Validation, any biometric data will be deleted immediately (in fractions of a second) after the process has been completed.

  • What information do I need to provide to register for MWC Barcelona?

    All attendees might be required to provide the following personal data during the registration process:

    Global Event’s account profile:

    • Full name;
    • Email address;
    • Gender;
    • Address;
    • Phone number;
    • Company name;
    • Job title;
    • Job level;
    • Area of responsibility;
    • Company industry type;
    • Areas of interest related to the event topics; and
    • Profile photo:
      • Your profile photo is automatically populated with your selfie photo from the registration process;
      • You can replace it with a photo of your choosing at any time;
      • If you opt-in to the networking feature, this requires a photo. As such, your profile photo will be visible to other attendees who have also opted-in to the networking feature;
      • If you do not opt-in to the networking feature, your profile photo remains private and no one other than yourself can view it (the reason you have a profile photo included in your profile is to allow the ability to opt-in to the networking feature at any point during the event).
    ID Document Data
    • Nationality;
    • ID document type;
    • ID document number;
    • ID document issuing government;
    • Date of birth;
    • ID expiration date;
    • ID portrait photo.

    Digital Access Pass photo

    • “Selfie” or uploaded photo image.