WIT Software to showcase 5G New Calling technology during MWC Barcelona

WIT Software to showcase 5G New Calling technology during MWC Barcelona

Barcelona, 26th February 2024, WIT Software, a global leader of RCS technology, IP-voice and video, announced today a new product and one of the first implementations of 5G New Calling technology targeted to the Enterprise segment. 5G New Calling (5GNC) is being promoted by GSMA and promises a new era in mobile communications by opening up opportunities to create new services and experiences on top of the voice channel.

This technology can play an instrumental role in restoring subscribers' trust in the voice channel. In fact, one of the main challenges facing voice calls is the lack of trust, which has become a significant problem in Europe and North America.

At the core of the WIT 5G New Calling platform is the support for verified and branded calling. Enterprises and professionals need to apply for verified business account in a Telecom portal. After that step, the platform runs a verification protocol to authenticate every outbound call to mobile devices: the calling display on the smartphone will show a verified business logo, a verified business card or a verified call reason. The inclusion of verified information in the caller display will protect mobile subscribers from spam and fraudulent calls and will safeguard legitimate businesses that wish to safely engage with their customers via the voice channel.

WIT 5G New Calling can also add interactive capabilities through the launch of 5G new calling applications. This interactive experience will be accomplished through 5GNC Mini-Apps, small applications that are based on Web technologies and APIs (GSMA TS.66) and can be invoked during a call and shown in the calling display. The WIT product includes a Mini-App platform, with built-in customizable Mini-Apps that can be selected and customized by Businesses and Professionals. The platform also provides APIs for companies to develop other new Mini-Apps for 5G New Calling, promoting a new ecosystem within the Telecom industry.

By offering branded calling, interactive content, and mini-apps to enrich voice calls, WIT Software believes Telecom operators will restore trust in the voice channel and will be able to differentiate their voice service. The new calling experience can serve as a powerful tool for brands and businesses to enhance their customer outreach, promote higher customer engagement, and create value for their business.

Luís Moura Silva, CEO of WIT Software said: “We are thrilled with this announcement of WIT 5G New Calling. This is one of the first worldwide implementations of this technology for the Enterprise segment and it shows WIT’s thought leadership and engineering expertise in the area of rich communications”.

WIT will showcase 5G New Calling technology at the GSMA Pavilion at MWC24 Barcelona, in Hall 4.

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