TONOMUS to champion cognitive technologies at MWC Barcelona 2024

TONOMUS to champion cognitive technologies at MWC Barcelona 2024

TONOMUS is gearing up to make a significant impact at the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2024 event, taking place between 26 – 29 February where a team of speakers from the company will be taking centre stage. MWC Barcelona 2024 is the largest and most influential connectivity event and provides a platform for the team to share their expertise on how TONOMUS is powering the world’s first ecosystem of cognitive technologies at NEOM.

Here is a glimpse of the panel discussions that the speakers will be participating in:

The Road to Manufacturing DX; Are We Nearly There Yet?

Peter Watson, Head of TONOMUS Connect, Director of Architecture & Solution Enablement, will delve into the journey of 5G technologies and discuss what must be done to support the sector to achieve its industry 4.0. ambitions.

Powering Digital Transformation

Fabio Fontana, Chief Growth Officer, and CEO of Zeropoint DC, will take part in discussing case studies of how technologies such as Cloud, AI, 5G, and other new platform models are enabling the creation of powerful, disruptive solutions that are redefining the market.

5G At the Heart of Industry 4.0.

Roberto Frongia, Director of Strategy & Operations, Tonomus Compute, will explore the role that 5G plays in propelling the evolution of Industry 4.0. and how industries are leveraging 5G to optimise production processes and practices.

Tune in here at Mobile World Live to support our team of presenters and watch their panel discussions as they share their insights that are propelling us to the forefront of the industry.