The Bluewave Alliance, powered by ISDIN, presents the SeaSpore project that combines technology and art to regenerate marine life in the Mediterranean Sea

The Bluewave Alliance, powered by ISDIN, presents the SeaSpore project that combines technology and art to regenerate marine life in the Mediterranean Sea

In the picture: Dr MIchel André, Director of the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics UPC, Marian Puig, President of ISDIN, Eulàlia Ripoll, Head of Business Spain GSMA, Jaume Collboni, Mayor of Barcelona, Juan Naya, CEO of ISDIN and Jordi Valls, Deputy Mayor of Economy of the Barcelona City Council, next to the SeaSpore prototype presented for the first time at MWC Barcelona

  • The Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, visited the Bluewave Alliance stand where he was introduced to the SeaSpore project, which uses cutting-edge technology to recover the marine biodiversity of the Mediterranean coast.
  • The Bluewave Alliance is an alliance driven by ISDIN, the leading dermatology laboratory in Spain, which brings together purpose-driven companies, the scientific community and social entrepreneurs committed to the rejuvenation of the Mediterranean through innovative and impactful projects.
  • The SeaSpore project proposes to install works of art along the Coast of Barcelona, co-created with artists, converted into calcium carbonate spores of 3x3x3 meters, which will regenerate the seabed. Through innovative technology it will be possible to monitor biological metrics and the evolution of biodiversity in real time.
  • The fusion of science, art and technology aims to raise awareness among citizens who will be able to visit the exhibition of the replicas of the underwater works of art that will be installed on the surface and, through technology, see how marine life is generated.

Barcelona, February 27th 2024. The Bluewave Alliance, an alliance of purpose-driven companies, social entrepreneurs and the scientific community, powered by the ISDIN laboratory, presented today its flagship SeaSpore project to regenerate the seabed of the main Mediterranean capitals by combining technology and art. The Bluewave Alliance aims to protect, rejuvenate and recover the biodiversity of the Mediterranean, the most polluted sea in the world, through innovative and impactful projects.

Barcelona could be one of the cities to host the SeaSpore project, an initiative in which different national and international artists will collaborate to expand the breakwaters with works of art that will become generators of marine life. The project was presented as part of MWC Barcelona at the Bluewave Alliance stand where a scale recreation of one of these works of art can be seen. "The Mediterranean is the sea that saw us born and that has inspired us with its beauty, richness of species and its privileged ecosystem, unique in the world. Today it is under threat. That is why at ISDIN, through the Bluewave Alliance and the SeaSpore project, we intend to create a movement to discover, love and protect the sea and thus promote its regeneration so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and beautiful Mediterranean," explains Juan Naya, CEO of ISDIN, the company behind the Bluewave Alliance.

Each work of art made with calcium carbonate will be a 3x3x3 meter sculpture that will be submerged in the seabed and through state-of-the-art technology it will be possible to monitor biological metrics and the evolution of biodiversity in real time. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among citizens to preserve the seas and oceans, therefore an exhibition of replicas of the sculptures will be installed on the surface and visitors will be able to see, scanning them with an app, how they generate life on the seabed. This will create a tourist attraction and an area of interest for both locals and visitors to approach the coast and the sea to appreciate the beauty of art and nature.

A partnership to protect the Mediterranean

The UN Oceans treaty, approved a year ago, maintains the 30×30 target of protecting 30% of the world's oceans by 2030, as scientists have shown that effectively protecting 30% of the seas and oceans should be sufficient for the regeneration of 100% of the marine surface. One of the challenges facing the Bluewave Alliance is to protect 30% of the Mediterranean in order to achieve this global regeneration, as currently less than 1% of this sea is effectively protected. The aim of this alliance is to promote conservation and restoration projects in the Mediterranean that can also be applied to the rest of the world's seas and oceans, in order to raise public awareness of the importance of caring for the seas and oceans.

The Bluewave Alliance is a non-profit initiative that seeks to restore the health and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. It brings together entrepreneurs-dreamers of sustainability with innovative projects; purposeful companies willing to promote them with their resources; and the scientific community to provide the necessary knowledge to ensure their impact.

About ISDIN:

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