Talent Arena: a new space where talent meets at MWC, an initiative by Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Talent Arena: a new space where talent meets at MWC, an initiative by Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents its biggest novelty this year: Talent Arena, a premier digital talent event within GSMA MWC Barcelona 2024, in collaboration with GSMA, Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya and CaixaBank as main partners, poised to shape the future of digital expertise. This initiative aims to foster networking within the professional technological sector, nurture talent, showcase cutting-edge technologies and shape the future of the digital experience.

"Igniting Futures, Transforming Tech" is the essence of Talent Arena and a clear commitment to create a learning-centric environment for sector professionals, enriching networking, professional recognition, and continuous growth. Talent Arena reflects this mission and serves as an ideal platform at MWC to cultivate synergies, stay connected with emerging roles and collaborate with a select group of professionals.

What to expect in Talent Arena?

Talent Arena, a flagship event powered by Mobile World Capital Barcelona at Hall 3, is a showcase for digital talent, pioneering use of technology and collaboration. The event will feature presentations from ICT professionals, leading technology companies, a corporate technology exhibition, interactive workshops and a 48-hour hackathon.

Spanning diverse technology fields such as machine learning, software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, microchips, artificial intelligence and telecommunications, Talent Arena stands out as the hub for digital talent within MWC. It not only shapes the future of the industry, but also addresses the gap between skilled professionals and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

not to miss at Talent Arena

Talent Arena delivers an immersive experience that transcends traditional industry events. The event features compelling presentations by over 30 speakers, including leading ICT professionals such as David Cuartielles, Co-founder of Arduino; Xavier Amatrian, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn; Carlos Villavieja, Staff Software Engineer at Google, and many others.

Attendees can participate in 13 workshop sessions covering diverse topics like AI, microchips, and cybersecurity, among others. These sessions not only provide insights but also offer practical learning through live demonstrations. Moreover, the event boasts more than 18 technology exhibition stands, transforming technology into a captivating tool for talent engagement.

The centrepiece of the event is the 48-hour GSMA Open Gateway Hackathon, where 12 teams will be forged with diverse profiles such as application developers, content creators, telecom industry or software developers, among others. It allows participants to explore various use cases facilitated by the GSMA Open Gateway’s innovative common network API framework and transform communication networks into interoperable, intuitive, and programmable platforms.

Adding a unique visual element, Talent Arena introduces a real-life boxing ring where a variety of activities will take place. From face-to-face interviews to engaging pitches, this dynamic space promises surprises and adds an exciting dimension to the event. Talent Arena goes beyond the ordinary, offering an extraordinary blend of learning, innovation, and engagement.