Manufacturing’s connected revolution depends on understanding the tech - and who’s behind it

Manufacturing’s connected revolution depends on understanding the tech - and who’s behind it

Mobile connectivity is transforming modern manufacturing. From mining to distribution and everything in between, wireless connected solutions are supporting new and intelligent automated, high-precision processes that prove significantly safer, more efficient, and less resource-intensive than previous methods. And as manufacturers consider replacing legacy equipment, the need to consider how mobile-based systems can help achieve strategic objectives becomes more pressing.

Understanding the technology is crucial to modernisation - and so is forming the right partnerships. Selecting the right partner for any manufacturing project is rarely free of complexity – but there is a route to making informed decisions with minimal ambiguity or delay. MWC Barcelona’s Connected Industries in Hall 4 is a hub for influential investors, decision-makers and thought leaders from both conventional manufacturing organisations, as well as more horizontally-focused tech companies. Sitting at the heart of MWC, Connected Industries in Hall 4 is a spectacle of solution demos, live events, and networking lounges— and the perfect place to strike up valuable business connections.

Where deployed, cellular technology is facilitating new applications and creating valuable insights, which in turn, create new opportunities. This is particularly true of 5G and 5GSA, which are enabling smart industrial systems that support industrial robotics, machine vision and AI. These innovations underpin strong growth projections in manufacturing in spite of global uncertainty – for example, Fortune Business Insights projects that the global smart manufacturing market will rise in value from $310.92 billion in 2023 to $754.1 billion by 2030.

The growing confidence in smart manufacturing is a resounding endorsement of early IoT deployments and their tangible impacts. While cost-reduction and the pursuit of higher-quality goods continue to drive the industry forward, these technologies are now proving instrumental in overcoming longstanding challenges. According to the EPA, manufacturing contributes to 21% of the globe’s greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the implementation of smart energy monitoring and management at the factory level has demonstrated a remarkable ability to slash emissions and cut usage costs significantly. The integration of IoT sensors monitoring environmental conditions, temperature, and cutting-edge features like enhanced alarms, AI-based alert patterns, and AR, is significantly reducing hazards, making mines and factory floors far safer and more attractive work environments than ever before.

The most penetrating insights, case studies and successful deployments across the globe will be exhibited at the Hall’s Connected Industries Stage, which will feature a dedicated Manufacturing Summit. The Summit will be led by some of the most influential and innovative companies and experts from across the globe, each providing their unique perspectives.

The Summit comprises three sessions, the first of which explains practical deployment considerations, the use of private networks and security safeguards - all of which are crucial to achieving 'lights-out factories,' which can operate without human intervention, relying on automation and robotics for production.

The second session assesses the impact of AI applications in manufacturing, with a focus on machine vision and digital twins, assessing their current impact and future implications for the industry.

In the third session, industry experts share insights on manufacturing DX and the current state of Industry 4.0 adoption, successful practices, and the partnerships needed to fulfil the ambitious goals of the industry.

With Connected Industries in Hall 4 hosting so many companies crucial to the future of manufacturing, it’s the single best opportunity in the calendar to meet the right people and forge the right commercial partnerships. As mobile’s impact on manufacturing gains momentum, the need to adopt new solutions becomes a growing priority. We encourage anyone from the sector interested in attending the Summit to register their interest. Access to Connected Industries in Hall 4 can be obtained via any MWC pass – to register for MWC Barcelona 2024, please visit:

The Connected Industries stage in Hall 4 is sponsored by Accenture and Tonomus Neom