Journey to the Future at MWC Barcelona 2024

Journey to the Future at MWC Barcelona 2024

MWC Barcelona is the place where global industry leaders, technology evangelists, the start-up community and others gather to witness the latest innovations in mobile connectivity.

And so, it’s only fitting that attendees have the opportunity to see, touch and interact with the technologies that are changing the face of diverse sectors – and that’s where the GSMA’s Journey to the Future exhibition comes in.

Located in Hall 6, Journey to the Future is where we pay homage to technology’s transformational impact on tomorrow’s industries, communities and citizens. The networking and innovation zone will feature a number of hands-on and immersive demos in areas including AI, AR, and autonomous vehicles.

The space is open to every attendee at MWC Barcelona and invites visitors to discover some of the many connected innovations unfolding across five spotlight areas.


As the drive to limit our impact on the planet continues, we’ve seen countless new solutions brought to markets including energy, transport and waste management – all made possible by innovations in connectivity.

On show will be Agerpix’s precision agriculture quad. Integrated with intelligent sensors capable of detecting the amount of fruit on a tree with a 95% accuracy rate, the quad is helping to achieve smarter and more sustainable harvests in the fresh fruit industry.

Meanwhile, Hovering Solutions will demonstrate its autonomous flying drones which are being used to create 3D models of GPS-denied infrastructure and leading to safer, faster and more accurate maintenance of difficult-to-reach areas.


The Next Healthcare space hosts exhibitors who are revolutionising the way medical practitioners diagnose and treat patients, as well as those disrupting the HealthTech space with new and emerging technologies.

ISDIN will showcase its latest UV camera solution, which provides a real-time demonstration of the protective barrier sunscreen creates against UV light – paving the way for more effective detection of skin diseases.

Attendees will also be able to discover Cortical Labs’ biological intelligence solutions developed by fusing living brain cells onto computing devices, and which are now capable of playing Pong and improving their skill with continuous learning.

In amongst the exhibitors, we also welcome renowned YouTuber and entrepreneur, Silvia Rivela, who will conduct interviews with female entrepreneurs disrupting digital healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence

As MWC Barcelona’s high-tech feature space, Journey to the Future welcomes exhibitors making strides in AI – and the zone’s dedicated AI track will include an exhibition from the Catalonian Police Force, the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The Mossos use AI-enabled solutions to support operations in a number of areas, and its stand will spotlight some of the technology’s many applications in law enforcement – featuring a fixed-wing drone integrated with AI systems that enable automated data capture, allowing the service to detect, classify and track moving targets.


Pop culture has led many of us to picture hoverboards and flying cars when we think of the future and, as part of its attendance at Journey to the Future, Alef Aeronautics will bring part of this vision to life – hosting the first real flying car at its booth for all visitors to see.

The Model A is a two-seat, all-electric vehicle designed to both drive on the street and take off vertically when needed and fly above traffic – with a flight range of 110 miles. The vehicle uses proprietary technology that elevates the vehicle without the need for runways thanks to eight propellers housed within its body, providing attendees with a glimpse into the faster and easier commutes of the future.


Whether it’s smart mirrors, streamlined inventory management systems or drone delivery services, connected technologies can be applied to every area of retail. The common thread across each solution, however, is the ultimate aim to provide customers with more seamless and convenient experiences.

Testament to this, the Retail track will feature a self-driving Coffee Vehicle from Rhea. Powered by renewable energy sources, the barista vehicle allows users to order their coffee through an app which will then be delivered by the unmanned vehicle – transforming the traditional go-to-shop model and giving an insight into the industry’s convenience-led and sustainable future.

Discover the life-changing power of mobile

Journey to the Future is shaping up to be a hotspot of inspiration and one of many must-see spaces showing how companies are using cutting-edge technology in inspiring new ways.

At last year’s show, for example, Catalonia-based start-up ABLE Human Motion demonstrated its lightweight exoskeleton developed to help people with physical impairments walk again, highlighting how innovations in mobile connectivity are helping to create a more accessible and inclusive world.

Register today and, if you are a member of the press planning to attend, please do reach out to our PR team on to say hi – we’d love to connect!

The GSMA is also happy to be working with RENFE, Spain’s national rail network, to offer an exclusive 15% discount for all MWC Barcelona attendees travelling to and from Barcelona between 24 February and 2 March – unlock your discount here.