Networking & Entertainment


Bringing the beat of the city to the heart of #MWC22

Barcelona is an open city, full of life, energy, culture and innovation. And, for the first time, we are bringing you the spirit of the city inside MWC22 at our dedicated space - BEAT BARCELONA.

Barcelona City Council, the GSMAs MWC22 and 4YFN22, and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, invite you to enjoy this unique MWC22 experience daily at outdoor area 4.

The atmosphere at BEAT BARCELONA is friendly and welcoming. You can connect by disconnecting here. The place to network during the day and the place to go for an afterwork drink and entertainment "Barcelona style." 

We welcome all MWC22 and 4YFN22 attendees to visit BEAT BARCELONA anytime during the week! Every day, BEAT BARCELONA. The place to B