Minors at MWC Barcelona

Minors at MWC Barcelona

GSMA’s policy with respect to the attendance of minors (individuals under the age of 16) at its events is located in our Attendee Terms & Conditions, available HERE.

In order to help prepare for your visit, please keep in mind that the event includes:

  • loud noises and music
  • significant visual stimulation (including bright lights, large screens and demonstrations)
  • large crowds
  • state of the art technology

Should you find yourself in need of a moment of quiet while attending the event, we invite you to visit our baby friendly space, located in the Upper Walkway opposite Hall 8.1, closest to the North Entrance of the venue.

In order to facilitate your movement around the venue, information regarding elevators is located HERE.

Thank you for your support in maintaining a professional, disturbance free environment.

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