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Connected technology is one of the highest growth areas in the IoT, bringing revolutionary development of urban sustainability, electrification, autonomous vehicle, smart city infrastructure, intelligent logistics and air vehicles. The growth of Smart Mobility provides substantial revenue opportunities for almost every modern-day industry. The automotive market is predicted to be worth $81bn by 2030*. Join key industry players at Industry City, hungry to explore the potential and ready to accelerate growth. Take your place amongst some of the most influential leaders from our ecosystem.

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Interested in sponsoring? Want to invest in the success of your smart mobility brand? There are many ways that you can maximise the benefits of attending, including:

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    *The biggest names are here. Make sure you are too! *

    The biggest names are here. Make sure you are too!

    It’s not called the industry’s most influential connectivity event for nothing! Here are some of the iconic names in automotive that have taken to the MWC floor in recent years.

    Smart Mobility Summit

    Session 1:

    Delivery Beyond Speed

    Next-generation cellular network and wireless technology is already playing an integral part in the burgeoning logistics industry. People expect faster, more accurate and transparent same-day delivery services. Hence, a first-rate digital fleet and inventory management which allows urgent and time-sensitive data exchange is crucial for every logistic company to succeed in today’s fast-paced climate.

    In this session industry leaders will share practical experiences and creative ideas on how the use of big data and advanced mobile technology can strategically position your business to stand out amongst your competitors to provide the winning edge.

    Session 2:

    Travel Beyond Cars

    With the growth of connectivity and technology, urban transportation is rapidly changing the way people move and get about in their day-to-day lives. Smart Mobility brings a number of benefits, ranging from safer roads and smarter cities to greener lives. Innovative mobility options create new business opportunities for mobile operators, automotive manufacturers, technology service providers and almost every modern-day industry.

    Stay ahead of the trend and hear the latest innovations from industry experts as they uncover Smart Mobility technological advancement and be inspired by the mobility evolutionary milestones set for the future.

    Session 3:

    Connect Beyond the Sky

    Widespread adoption of 5G expands the horizon of Advanced Air Mobility. The advanced network technology enables drones to fly beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) and provides unprecedented potential for aviation communication. Innovative cellular communications have enhanced safety, security, and autonomy by reducing latency and expanding data-intensive capabilities.

    This session will deep dive into how Advanced Air Mobility provides insights on the latest innovations in the drone ecosystem and the benefits of leveraging mobile network services and data. Industry leaders will share the latest trends, challenges, and solutions to help mitigate risks and maximize commercial opportunities.

    Session 4:

    Reach for the Impossible

    Smart Mobility is geared towards advancing society with the latest technology options. The world seeks climate-friendly, low-to-no emission travelling, autonomous driving from the ground to the air, to provide the best user experience. Connected technologies have opened a wealth of possibilities in countless ways. Thanks to the development of Smart Mobility solutions cities are becoming more liveable, efficient and sustainable. Smart City development is gaining tremendous traction and will be the catalyst of urban evolution. Global integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into our daily lives and city infrastructure will significantly improve traffic flow, road safety, and vehicle performance while reducing pollution and power consumption. For instance, how digital twins and the metaverse will help simulate complex environments, to plan and maintain infrastructure.

    This session will gather expert panellists to discuss what they envision for the next generation of Smart Mobility, its challenges, and how to become a forward-thinking player in the future landscape.

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