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eSIM Summit: eSIM to Power Connected Devices

Time: Wednesday 1 March 2023 09:30 - 11:30
Gran Fira, Hall 7, 250pax Theatre

All new smartphone models launched by Apple since 2018 have eSIM capability, but the iPhone 14 is the first to completely drop a physical SIM slot, albeit only on US models. To coincide with this, US operators are taking steps to raise awareness of eSIM services. For example, T-Mobile US announced that customers with unlocked eSIM-capable phones can now switch from other operators to T-Mobile through the new Easy Switch feature on the T-Mobile app.

According to GSMA Intelligence research , the total number of eSIM smartphones, tablets and smartwatches commercially available for purchase reached 127 in June 2022 – a fivefold increase on December 2018. Despite this, consumer awareness of eSIM technology remains low. The GSMA Intelligence Consumers in Focus Survey 2021 shows that less than 30% of consumers (on average across eight major countries analysed) are aware of eSIM – a clear barrier to adoption. The launch of eSIM-only phones and initiatives by operators to enhance the user experience for eSIM activation/onboarding should help boost consumer awareness and adoption.

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MVNO Summit

Time: Wednesday 1 March 2023 16:00 - 19:00
Fira Gran Via

Building sustainable MVNO businesses

What does it take to create the ultimate, sustainable, MVNO business model? What factors come into play when prioritising virtual network attributes and industry-play? What differentiates the leaders from the followers… and the failures? Which are the industry partnerships that matter most?

In this inaugural MWC MVNO Summit you will hear from pioneering MVNOs that have implemented innovative business models and commercial sustainability that has allowed them to not just survive, but to be hugely successful. We will also hear from those businesses that have diversified their core offering, building up an MVNO arm to scale and differentiate. We will hear also how MVNO industry partnerships lead to success and the customer’s perspective, what defines a successful enterprise-MVNO partnership.

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Date: Thursday 2 March 2023 09:00-15:00
CC. 5.0 Fira Barcelona Gran Via

Securing Telecoms in Times of Conflict

The GSMA was created on the common understanding to build and operate a world-wide mobile telecommunication network without borders. Today, international changes in communication security and supply chain resilience are at the fore front of the evolution of telecommunication. The diverging international challenges require a closer dialogue on security and supply chain between industry and a wide range of ecosystem players.

Join us at GSMA SEC CON to hear from leading security experts, in both the public and private sector, on how to keep telecoms secure in times of conflict.

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