GSMA Programmes

Identity and Data Seminar

Digital Identity: Towards a New Paradigm?

Date:  Monday 27 February 2023 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: CC. 7.0 1B Fira Barcelona Gran Via

The recent pace of digital transformation has dramatically increased the demand for digital identity, while simultaneously highlighting the challenges of the current digital identity paradigm. In response, innovative solutions have thrived. Digital service providers increasingly have new options to verify users’ identities. However, as users’ digital lives grow, these disparate implementations across digital services increase the burden on users. Institutions face a complex balancing act between protecting themselves against fraud and cybersecurity risks while also avoiding inconveniencing users and feeding into data privacy concerns.

Structural evolutions might redefine the digital identity paradigm. International initiatives are underway to equip citizens with digital identity wallets. With intended applications beyond public services, will this trigger mainstream adoption of reusable identity? In time, digital identity will need to meet renewed challenges from the metaverse and Web 3.0. How will users trust who they interact with and protect their digital assets against fraud?

In this seminar, we will examine major trends and their implications for digital identity and the mobile industry. We will also consider mobile industry opportunities as the identity landscape shifts and new identity ecosystems emerge.

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Roundtables & Summits

Do we sell too many phones? How to create more value out of fewer devices and hit net zero targets.

Date:  Monday 27 February 2023 17:00 - 18:00
Venue: CC. 7.0 1B Fira Barcelona Gran Via

80% of the climate impact of a mobile phone has happened before it’s taken out of the box. This presents one of the biggest environmental impacts of the mobile industry – what to do with mobile devices? It also presents a great opportunity – to create a circular economy and turn waste into value.

The GSMA working with a project group of 28 mobile operators from around the globe has produced a vision for this circular economy for 2050 to help drive the industry towards a sustainable future. A future where devices have as long a lifetime as possible, where they are made with 100% recyclable and recycled content using 100% renewable energy and where no device ends up as waste.

This session will cover:

  • What it means to have a sustainable mobile device
  • How to move to a more circular economy for devices, where the impacts are minimised
  • How manufacturers, network operators, policymakers and recyclers/ refurbishers can best collaborate to accelerate the transition
  • Data needed for the transition, and data gaps

Doors Open: 16:45

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Partner Programmes

Harnessing the potential of green digital solutions

Date:  Tuesday 28 February 2023 09:15 - 10:45
MWC Stage B, Hall 6, Fira Barcelona Gran Via

This session will recognise some of the best digital carbon reduction solutions from the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) network and explore how to estimate the net environmental impact of real-life digital solutions across sectors.

The EGDC is an initiative of companies, supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament, to harness the enabling emission-reducing potential of green digital solutions to all sectors. Managed by a consortium of leading associations - GeSI, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, DIGITALEUROPE, ETNO and the GSMA – the EGDC was formed by the CEOs of 26 ICT companies who are committing to contributing to the success of the green digital transformation of the EU and beyond.

This high-level session will convene senior dignitaries, policymakers, ICT leaders and EGDC members, and recognise a selection of green digital solutions that have a net positive environmental impact.

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Mobile for Development Seminar

Mobile Money: Driving Impact Through Commercial Growth

Time: Tuesday 28th February 2023 12:00 - 13:30 (CET)

The mobile money landscape is continuing to rapidly evolve, and COVID-19 has accelerated many of these changes.

More and more, mobile money is being used for merchant payments, utilities and bills and even wages rather than the simple P2P payments that drove adoption originally. Diversification and innovation in the ecosystem are driving both profitability for providers but also driving impact for consumers. Mobile money-enabled credit, insurance and savings accounts are leading to “deeper” financial inclusion, allowing underserved customers, including women, to develop financial resilience.

A testament to mobile money’s growth and established status can be seen as services are becoming independent of their parent operators, focussing on becoming fully fledged financial service providers. Simultaneously, new competition in markets means that providers need to be agile and pivot to manage this competition.

This seminar will explore the changing nature of commercial growth models used by mobile money providers – both those led by mobile network operators and newer, network-agnostic players. Our panel of experts will consider which new or existing factors are likely to lead to increased customer activity and what more can be done to encourage usage and adoption especially for underserved customers, such as women, rural dwellers and youth.

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Mobile for Development Seminar

Innovation for climate impact – Lessons from global South

Time: Tuesday 28th February 2023 16:30 - 18:00 (CET)

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity and although we all witness its impact, it is the world’s poorest and those least responsible for environmental damage that are affected the most.

Climate change impacts communities in low- and middle-income countries, both in rural and urban settings. We can already see the effect on smallholder farmers whose adaptation to the changes in weather is essential to maintaining their production and securing livelihoods. In the context of rapid urbanisation, a crucial part of climate resilience in cities are systems that can deliver the essential services needed for communities to thrive.

Digital technology can help build the capacity of cities, natural systems, and agriculture value chains to cope with, and recover from, climate-related risks and disasters.

In this interactive session – including an introduction to the topic, panel discussion, fireside chat and Q&A – we will discuss the opportunities and barriers for digital technology in improving climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

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5G Futures Summit

The Mobile Journey – From connecting people to unifying cyber and physical worlds

Time: Wednesday 1st March 2023 09:00 - 15:50 (CET)
Hall 6, theatre 2

Join us at the 5G Futures Summit to hear how next generation 5G networks will revolutionise business with its promise for huge changes in global, local and private connectivity. Innovative technologies, such a Network Slicing, Telco Edge Cloud, 5G mmWave, 5G-Advanced and Cloud Edge Computing, combined with AI and ML technologies, offer businesses unique opportunities to seamlessly unify the cyber and physical worlds.

With the promise of increased bandwidth, ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and the ability to connect one million devices per one square miles, 5G networks is key to supporting advanced 5G use cases for enterprise customers and bringing an end to glitches and delays to mobile users.

The 5G Futures Summit covers four sessions which will bring together leading industry experts to explain and discuss, how 5G will evolve over the next few years; the full value of 5G-Advanced before the advent of 6G; how the 5G mmWave capabilities can be fully realised; how the evolution of the Operator Platform has created new market opportunities through network exposure of infrastructure and capabilities to power Web3.0 technologies, creating new decentralised Metaverses; to the structural importance of Open RAN in enabling 5G deployment at scale; and securing 5G networks.

Attendees can learn about a vast array of successful 5G use cases delivered by global Mobile Operators and partners from various industries. We’ll explore the evolution of the mobile journey so far and where we are heading. So don’t miss out, register your place below and be part of the global cross-industry discussion on 5G Future Networks.

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eSIM Summit

eSIM to Power Connected Devices

Time: Wednesday 1 March 2023 09:30 - 11:30
Gran Fira, Hall 7, 250pax Theatre, Theatre 6

All new smartphone models launched by Apple since 2018 have eSIM capability, but the iPhone 14 is the first to completely drop a physical SIM slot, albeit only on US models. To coincide with this, US operators are taking steps to raise awareness of eSIM services. For example, T-Mobile US announced that customers with unlocked eSIM-capable phones can now switch from other operators to T-Mobile through the new Easy Switch feature on the T-Mobile app.

According to GSMA Intelligence research , the total number of eSIM smartphones, tablets and smartwatches commercially available for purchase reached 127 in June 2022 – a fivefold increase on December 2018. Despite this, consumer awareness of eSIM technology remains low. The GSMA Intelligence Consumers in Focus Survey 2021 shows that less than 30% of consumers (on average across eight major countries analysed) are aware of eSIM – a clear barrier to adoption. The launch of eSIM-only phones and initiatives by operators to enhance the user experience for eSIM activation/onboarding should help boost consumer awareness and adoption.

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Elevating ESG to the board agenda - how do you measure impact?

Date:  Wednesday 1 March 2023 09:30 - 10:30
GSMA Programmes: CC7.1B, Hall 7, Fira Barcelona Gran Via

The ESG landscape is rapidly evolving, and investors, regulators and a wide range of stakeholders are taking greater interest than ever before in corporate ESG performance. There is increasing demand for evidence that sustainability strategies are aligned to core business, and an expectation that companies will demonstrate how they create value to society. Board Executives, CFOs and many others therefore require ESG data that is decision-useful and builds recognition and trust with stakeholders.

How is the mobile industry keeping pace with these developments? What are examples of successful ESG strategies that demonstrate leadership? Can industry alignment create greater value for society and stakeholders?

Come and join us to hear more about the state of ESG in the mobile industry and the ‘ESG Metrics for Mobile‘, a first-of-its-kind mobile sector ESG reporting framework, developed alongside partners from EY, Yale Center for Business & the Environment, and 20 mobile operators representing 45% of the world’s mobile connections.

Doors Open: 09:15

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5G beyond one billion: how can industries and governments collaborate on digital transformation?

Date:  Wednesday 1 March 2023 11:00 - 12:00
GSMA Programmes: CC7.1B, Hall 7, Fira Barcelona Gran Via

More than 1 billion consumers are connected to 5G. Beyond the initial wave of 5G, advanced 5G capabilities will unlock innovation and serve a wide variety of industry sectors with different ecosystems. From the ubiquitous, secure, and resilient connectivity to the edge computing resource, the mobile infrastructure provides connectivity that can be tailored to every industry’s needs, to support the digital transformation journey for governments and businesses.

This session will provide an opportunity for the various stakeholders to come together and share experiences and policy challenges faced in implementing emerging use cases.

Doors Open: 10:45

5G IoT Summit

Time: Wednesday 1 March 2023 13:00 - 15:00
: Hall 7, Fina Gran Via, Theatre 6

5G is the fifth-generation cellular technology that revolutionises and enables new capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud computing, Edge computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Adoption of 5G and the IoT is being driven by several factors, including increased demand from consumers and enterprises and the availability of more affordable devices. Significant operator investment in 5G technology, spectrum and infrastructure, together with the implementation of global standards, are also helping drive growth and increase market interest in the IoT, AI, Cloud computing and Edge computing will help handle the data volumes generated by the IoT, as 5G boosts network capacity. Further 5G enhancements, such as network slicing. Private & dedicated networks and 5G core, will ultimately help realise the vision of a global IoT network, supporting a massive number of connected devices.

The 5G networks being deployed today are building on 4G networks, which employ both LTE-M and NB-IOT technologies, which will evolve into Massive IoT within 5G delivering the functionality required to support narrowband use cases

In this 5G IoT Summit you will hear from the IoT ecosystem players that have implemented new cellular technologies in the 5G era with innovative business models to be hugely successful. We will hear how IoT data is being used to save money, time and resources. And finally, we hear from the customer who has deployed these solutions in their everyday business operations.

The 5G IoT Summit will be open to all pass types at MWC Barcelona 2023.

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5G mmWave Summit

2023 & Beyond

Time: Wednesday 1st March 2023 15:00-17:30 (CET)

Location: Partner Theatre 5, Hall 7

The global expansion of 5G is delivering real benefits to people, businesses and society. A key element of the 5G technology mix, 5G mmWave helps deliver on the full promise of 5G with ultra-reliable and superfast high-bandwidth connectivity in high traffic, high density scenarios.

Join us for the third in this successful series looking at the global expansion of 5G mmWave. The last year has seen considerable global progress in the wake of recent 5G mmWave deployments offering huge benefits to businesses and consumers by delivering significant improvements to bandwidth, speed and responsiveness, particularly in densely populated and high-capacity areas, such as public transport hubs like airports and train stations, entertainment venues and sport stadiums.

This Summit brings together leaders from the operator and vendor community behind this global expansion and you will hear directly from the businesses who are implementing 5G mmWave. It combines use cases from customers, operators and vendors covering recent major deployments, the technical challenges of delivering them, the immersive experiences they deliver as well as the more practical aspects around the challenges of planning and deployment. You will have the opportunity to hear about and discuss some of the deployments happening now and in the near future, and the benefits they will bring to global business and society.

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MVNO Summit

Building sustainable MVNO businesses

Time: Wednesday 1 March 2023 16:00 - 19:00
Fira Gran Via

What does it take to create the ultimate, sustainable, MVNO business model? What factors come into play when prioritising virtual network attributes and industry-play? What differentiates the leaders from the followers… and the failures? Which are the industry partnerships that matter most?

In this inaugural MWC MVNO Summit you will hear from pioneering MVNOs that have implemented innovative business models and commercial sustainability that has allowed them to not just survive, but to be hugely successful. We will also hear from those businesses that have diversified their core offering, building up an MVNO arm to scale and differentiate. We will hear also how MVNO industry partnerships lead to success and the customer’s perspective, what defines a successful enterprise-MVNO partnership.

Join us on Wednesday 4pm.

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Securing Telecoms in Times of Conflict

Date: Thursday 2 March 2023 09:00-15:00
CC. 5.0 Fira Barcelona Gran Via

The GSMA was created on the common understanding to build and operate a world-wide mobile telecommunication network without borders. Today, international changes in communication security and supply chain resilience are at the fore front of the evolution of telecommunication. The diverging international challenges require a closer dialogue on security and supply chain between industry and a wide range of ecosystem players.

Join us at GSMA SEC CON to hear from leading security experts, in both the public and private sector, on how to keep telecoms secure in times of conflict.

Register your interest to join us at the GSMA security conference by submitting the online form here. Places are strictly limited, and successful registrations will be notified shortly.

Session 1: The Mobile Network Battlefield Recognizing the role of telecoms during conflict

Time: 09:00 -10:30

Session 2: Keeping Civilians Connected in Conflict Looking at the lifecycle from devices to networks

Time: 11:00 -12:30

Session 3: Disinformation, Propaganda and Active Measures Securing telecoms to stop fake news from spreading

Time: 13:30-15:00

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