GSMA Programmes

Unveiling the Power of eSIM

The eSIM Seminar will stream focused speeches, panels and live Q&A sessions to help attendees find out how eSIM is reaching its full potential and what a bright journey ahead is still to come. This event is designed for anyone interested to meet the worlds’ brightest eSIM minds and learn more, and connect online around eSIM.

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GSMA Autonomous Network Forum

The Autonomous Network Forum, organized by GSMA in partnership with Huawei, is a new and elevated program at MWC Barcelona to highlight the development and future outlook in network automation. This forum will create a platform where key players can meet influential industry leaders from around the world who are driving the autonomous network partnership with operators, government, academia, telecom operator, policy maker and the private sectors.

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5G Infrastructure Sharing Summit

Active Network Sharing has provided significant introduction and growth benefits for the last 2 generations of network deployments. It is common practice across Europe and Asia. The introduction of new technologies in the 5G Era, such as; 5G NR architectures, Active Antennas, Virtualisation, Edge Compute, Network Slicing and Open Networking will re-shape active sharing architectures and commercial principles, maybe even requiring further specification work. This seminar will discuss the forming GSMA Foundry project and the work that needs to be undertaken to accelerate the adoption of 5G Sharing

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Mobile IoT Summit

Mobile IoT technologies have enabled connections between technology and people. With 5G and Licensed LPWA technologies (LTE-M & NB-IoT), mobile operators will continue to provide secure and highly scalable connectivity and high value services, enabling a complete range of IoT solutions for consumers and businesses, delivering trusted and cost-effective capabilities and supporting growth on a massive scale.

The GSMA flagship IoT event, Mobile IoT Summit at this year’s MWC Barcelona, will address key IoT topics surrounding the network deployment and global collaboration of 5G and Mobile IoT technologies, IoT platforms and services, SIM enablement and Security.

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Specialist Workshops

Our Virtual Specialist Networking Workshops bring together leaders within specific parts of the industry. Focusing key topics, (Automotive, FinTech, Manufacturing, Mobile IoT, Telco Edge and Drones) each networking opportunity is curated by an expert in the field.

Designed for 10 -20 guests, these workshops feature break-out sessions, ice breakers and discussions and encourage debate around key issues and the chance to meet like-minded leaders.

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