XPertBilling® is a cost-effective convergent Customer Care solution with blazing fast and reliable invoice generation, with responsive Web features, multi-dimensional analytics and automatic CDRs/TDRs Collector.

Controlled by table-driven configuration, make it easy to adapt to marketing needs saving the customization cost.

• Full & Light MVNO/E solutions
• Cost-effective solution that grow with you
• The fastest solution of the market
• Full Responsive Customer WebCare (desktops, tablets, mobiles)
• Convergent Billing services, Telecom & any subscriptions
• Table driven configuration = flexibility & built-in GUI report designer
• Multidimensional analytics & reporting

• XPertBilling® - CC&B for B2B,MVNE & MVNO, convergent billing
• XPertBilling® - Mobile & Web Services
• CommBilling® - SaaS web based ERP