Veea Inc


Veea Inc. is a global leader in smart edge solutions. Veea's Edge Platform is the ideal solution for building and delivering Industry 4.0 applications; with its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, it is designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses and organizations.

Driven by advances in connectivity, data and new technologies such as AI/ML, IoT and V/AR, industry, economics, and society are transforming. Cloud-centric architectures now face challenges due to the sheer quantity of data being generated, processed and stored, as well as the growth in demand for these services. Edge Computing is the key to addressing these challenges.

Veea’s Edge Platform offers a unified solution that integrates connectivity, communications, and computing at the edge. With simplified installation, integration and operation, the Platform enables efficient operational processes with reduced complexity, risk, and costs by reducing latency and bandwidth requirements while enhancing security, privacy, scalability and reliability.