Tecnojest srl


Since 2001, Tecnojest is an Italian innovative ICT solutions to allowed communication between people and things. Tecnojest develops hardware and software platform called O²IP offering a full range of services a very low power «FOG» and «DEW» devices combined with platform offering a unique heterogeneous solution for Retail, Hospital, Bank , Smart City, Industry, Tower, Telco. At MWC2023 Tecnojest launches, the INDUSTRY 5.0, which means:
Resilience: hardening of a project’s life cycle.
Sustainability: Energy Micro/MiniGRID management means efficiency using less energy “Energy Saving” to do the same optimizing “Energy Sourcing”.
Human Factor: Humans experiences and Artificial intelligence machinery can interact each others
“Digital Life Simplifier” is our aphorism. This vision does not involve humans alone, but also their interaction with the “World of Things”
In our booth, you can touch the real Industry5.0 solutions through our I5.0 proposal.