QUALTEH is a private software company that develops enterprise software solutions to mid-sized and large businesses.
QUALTEH helps companies in their digital transformation processes with a complete expertise in the fields of mobile software developments, IoT integration, digital twins, collecting and aggregating data, real time monitoring and many others.
We empower companies to take advantage of the opportunities that mobile technologies provide.

What We Do:
- Standard software solutions
- Software on demand
- Outsourcing

Our Differentiators:
Mobility, Innovation, Continuity, Consultancy, Dedication, Support

Global Coverage:
UK - London, Sweden - Malmo, Romania - Timisoara

Our LandMark Platforms:
IQboard - www.IQboard.co.uk
Book&Meet - www.Book-Meet.com
Taxi - www.qualteh.com/mobtaxi