modulus SA

modulus SA


modulus, headquartered in Athens/Greece, is an innovative telecom company offering next-generation VoIP services since year 2013. Voice-over-IP (or VoIP), a set of protocols, technologies and standards, constitutes a modern and mature telephony solution that eliminates several limitations of traditional telephony.

Being a market leader in Greece, modulus has helped numerous businesses in their digital transformation efforts during these challenging times, including by enabling work-from-home arrangements with minimal effort and investment, while significantly cutting down associated costs.

Building further around this ecosystem, modulus has been among the first companies in Greece to develop and market its vPBX: a feature-rich, subscription-based virtual switchboard solution that negates the need for on-premises infrastructure while facilitating the transition to a new work-from-anywhere reality.

To complement its portfolio, modulus additionally offers wholesale voice termination, computer-telephony integration with popular third-party services and custom application development involving VoIP technologies.