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Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, LotusFlare’s mission is to design, build and continuously advance a digital commerce platform that simplifies technology and customer experience to deliver valuable outcomes to enterprises. LotusFlare Digital Network Operator (DNO) Stack is a fully-managed cloud commerce service that enables communications and media service providers to innovate freely, better engage with their customers and reduce operational costs.
Developed from the customer experience down, LotusFlare DNO Stack is cloud-native in origin to help providers achieve valuable outcomes, including the rapid launch of new digital brands, simplification of business systems architectures, monetization of 5G network assets, reduction in time-to-market and increasing acquisition and retention of communication and media services subscribers.
Founded by the team that helped Facebook reach over one billion mobile users, LotusFlare serves Verizon, Globe Telecom, Singtel, Digi, DISH, Digicel and other leading communications and media services providers around the world. Learn more at