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Kingfisher is a next-gen mobile experience company, totally re-engineering the mobile experience economy.

People-first by design, we’re obsessed with optimizing the lifecycle of connected devices, developing end-to-end experience solutions, designed to transform the mobile experience economy for carriers, their customers, and the planet.

Through our ingenious solutions, we extend the lifespan of connected devices by powering the efficient circulation of new and second-life devices within the global value chain, creating circular transformation at scale.

Our proprietary experience solutions, FLIP and NEXUS are ushering in a new era of choice, control and flexibility for carriers and their customers.

FLIP gives customers total freedom to switch out their device for a new device of their choice at any time, for any reason. Whilst we take care of the back-end operations, so carriers can build stronger relationships with their customers.

NEXUS, powers our circular device flow, taking returned and excess devices and restoring them as new before putting them back into circulation.