Japan Pavilion


Japan Pavilion comprises exhibitions of Japanese ICT companies, and is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan.
The pavilion introduces various innovative Japanese ICTs including AI, optical communications, VR/AR/MR.
We welcome any inquiries about the companies, products and services exhibited in this pavilion.

Axelspace Corporation https://www.axelspace.com/
Asukanet Co., Ltd. https://aska3d.com/en/index.html
Brain Signal, Inc. https://www.bsgnl.com/
Cellid, Inc. https://cellid.com/
FollowUP Customer Experience, S.L. https://www.followupcx.com/
I'mbesideyou https://www.imbesideyou.com/english
NTT sonority, Inc. https://ntt-sonority.com/en/
Sangikyo Corporation https://www.sangikyo.co.jp/index.html
toraru co.,ltd. https://toraru.co.jp/en/we-are/
Unixon Systems Co., Ltd. https://www.unixon.co.jp/