INOI is an international electronics brand with an expanding business of over 10 million active customers. Our product portfolio consists of more than 50 models of Smartphones, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. Like other Nordic brands, we share the core values of minimalistic design, reliability, and affordability. We provide local customer care service and worldwide marketing support.

INOI Meta and INOI Finance offer modern blockchain wallet, finance products, dApps, and loyalty programs.

INOI GLOBAL MOBILE PHONES LLC is registered in Dubai, and INOI LLC is registered in Florida, both as subsidiaries of INOI INC, a company registered in the Caiman Islands. Digital products are made available by INOI META INNOVATIONS LTD, licensed in DIFC, Dubai. Fintech products are provided by INOI FINANCE LLC. All of the above are affiliated companies under the common control of INOI CORP.