Flycomm – Boosting, managing and planning connectivity for telecoms, IoT companies and smart cities.

Flycomm's platform provides a dynamic management and planning system for the cellular infrastructure.

Flycomm helps you understand the network performance and quality on an ongoing basis for each point by:
- Operator
- Technology (3G, 4G, 5G)
- Date
- Location (outdoors, in the car, at home)
- Application needs

Flycomm's platform is analyzing big data with it's ML algorithms in order to achieve a full picture of understanding the connectivity level and help you-
-Increase revenues
-Reduce costs (especially with optimal planning)
-Provide a much better experience to end users

With the help of Flycomm's platform, you can get a full coverage throughout the city and deploy in an optimal way:
- Smart city infrastructure
- IoT devices
- Cellular infrastructure (such as 5G)

Flycomm's platform is developing an urban resilience and improving urban conditions.

Flycomm – Boosting connectivity for a smart world!