Etiya is a leading software company providing customer experience-focused AI-driven Digital Transformation with its award-winning product portfolio.

Founded in 2004, it has more than 1400 employees and offices in 3 continents and 7 countries.

Etiya provides turnkey, end-to-end digital transformation to many customers worldwide. Its products have been successfully implemented and proven in Tier1 service providers and have the scalability to handle millions of orders per day.

Its microservice-based architecture, DevOps methodology, and AI-driven portfolio provide a competitive advantage to its customers by bringing agility and flexibility into their business.

It incorporates innovative AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) techniques, prediction, and recommendation, in its portfolio.

As a software company that has accomplished many successful projects around the world, Etiya operates by global standards and has won many awards from 3rd party independent institutions like TM Forum with its products and successfully implemented projects.