Covalense Digital Solutions


Covalensedigital is a product-based company focused on building edge solutions in the space of communications such as 5G, IoT, and IIoT.

Our product Csmart is a cloud agnostic digital BSS platform. It has been helping customers innovate their current product portfolios and launch new businesses in a short cycle. Csmart is currently deployed by MVNOs, MNOs, MVNEs, and satellite communications providers worldwide.

Csmart has a unique, modular & Open API architecture enabling quick & easy integration that helps CSPs launch 5G & IoT services quickly. Csmart digital ecosystem transforms CSPs into DSPs, enabling them to deliver monetizable services and make them profitable faster, while exploring the opportunities for additional revenue streams.

Besides being cost effective & high-performance, Csmart has proven to reduce operators’ CAPEX by 30% and Time-to-Market cycle by 50%.