Auden Techno. Corp.


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The predecessor of Auden was established in 1981 and started designing and manufacturing of car radio AM/FM Antenna. We were the first NEC Siemens 1G mobile phone supply chain in 1986 and renamed and officially registered Auden Techno Corp. in 1990. Over the years, Auden has been devoting to technology development of designing and manufacturing of wireless communications. Relying on professional team management and strong RF core competence, we have achieved various types of wireless application development in the market. Auden works on variety of wireless communication applications, covering consumer products, network, internet of vehicles, smart homes, industrial applications and biomedical electronics. We provide customers with modular and flexible customized services and integrated total solutions to get through the process of technical development of antennas, modules for mass production, new generation measurement equipments, regulatory information, software and hardware solutions, and product verifications and certifications.