AEInnova presents INDU-EYE, the most advanced autonomous wireless iIoT solution fully powered by heat, using space technology. It's the perfect tool for machinery maintenance in iron&steel, oil&gas, chemical, paper, cement...
INDU-EYE is completely batteryless and free of maintenance incorporating long-range wireless protocols (NB-IOT/LTE-M/LoRaWAN).
It allows transforming industry 4.0 into more digital, efficient and sustainable, overpassing state-of-the-art battery-powered IoT limitations, incorporating edge-computing with low latency. It’s 60% cheaper, and 98% more sustainable compared to any competitor.
INDU-EYE communicates to our cloud-computing (DAEVIS) incorporating predictive maintenance…
INDU-EYE has been awarded by the Innovation World Cup 2021, and the Industrial Internet Consortium, UN, VW Think Blue