Muvraline designs and develops solutions based on responsible AI (Artificial Intelligence), to optimise the management of operations (commercial and technical) for telecom, utilities, media and many other sectors of activity and industries.

Integrated solutions:
• Myndea®: For end-to-end field operations management and route optimisation (sales, delivery, maintenance, local authorities, etc.).
• Myndea® Telecom: End-to-end Field Operations and Services Management for telecom networks (optical fibre, copper lines, network equipment…) maintenance and deployment
• AdBot®: For managing and optimising advertising campaigns (orders, sales, automatic real-time programming of campaigns, end-to-end campaign management, invoicing)

Tailor-made projects based on:
• HomeBot®: Intelligent IoT software component for analysis of usage behaviour for connected objects, energy consumption optimisation and premises security
• DetectBot: Intelligent sensor software component for recognition and data analysis (data, text, sound, photos, video...), prediction of behaviours and generation of optimised scenarios
• ChatBot: Multilingual intelligent conversational assistant module quickly adaptable for websites, messaging and mobile applications in diverse use-cases