Founded in 1986, D-Link is a leading global networking equipment brand that is
devoted to providing high-quality networking solutions to consumers and businesses
around the world.
Our flagship offerings encompass advanced private 5G solutions, the notable benefits
of a private 5G network are its ability to deliver ultra-high data rates for high-density
device connectivity, exceptional scalability to quickly meet expansion requirements, and
customizability for enterprises to tailor network configurations to optimize operational
efficiency. Private 5G networks also offer more robust and secure wireless connections suitable
for mission-critical applications such as transportation, medical, and emergency services.
In 2020, D-Link's integration into the Taiwan Steel Group (TSG) marked a strategic pivot
toward product intelligence, enhanced performance (MIT), and sustainable production.
Our commitment to innovation is showcased through our comprehensive AIoT capabilities,
which play a pivotal role in assisting customers to craft intelligent homes, businesses, and
industrial environments with our diverse product range and cloud service platforms