IDTOLU is an emerging technology leader in 5G End-To-End (E2E) Innovation founded with a strong tradition of research and development and a vision to have a pervasive impact in the global south,
IDTOLU has developed Digital Transformation in a Box, a technology framework that it has successfully implemented in public-private-university partnerships in the global south.
IDTOLU blends various technologies and standards that include 5G/3GPP, LoRaWan, IoT, TVWS, AI/ML, XR/VR, and Cloud Computing to deploy a variety of innovative use cases, which are available as products and licensable technology solutions.
To enable this, the company has developed a state-of-the-art, fully programmable test bed facility, which includes an under 6GHz anechoic chamber with SDRs and various 5G and 4G technologies with cloud-based control. IDTOLU also leases this environment via a LaaS (Lab as a Service) testing environment for remote global researchers and developers.
IDTOLU is a US company with labs and development facilities in Santiago de Tolu, Colombia.