Founded in 2012 by Fabrice BELLARD and Franck SPINELLI, Amarisoft is a software company dedicated to LTE 4G and 5G NR.

Amarisoft world unique LTE and NR software suite runs on standard (COTS) hardware (including PHY layer).

Amarisoft provides 4G and 5G Callboxes and UE Simboxes. Also, thru an ecosystem of partners delivers eNodeB, gNodeB, 4G/5G Core network based on its unique vRAN solutions. From research, proof-of-concept, testing, product manufacturing, industrialization and maintenance, Amarisoft ecosystem of partners and integrators is guaranteeing success to your wireless mobile project. With more than 850 customers all around the globe, our community is growing at a fast pace.

Amarisoft addresses a wide range of customers from telecom equipment manufacturers, operators, telecom integrators, government agencies, universities and R&D labs.

Amarisoft is part of the FT120, through the growth-based selection path and is founding member of the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Network Innovators.