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On the road to smarter technology solutions

From safer driving and autonomous vehicles, to seamless ways of accessing and using mobile content. Explore how technology is helping the automotive industry evolve.

Automotive Sessions at MWC Barcelona 2021

The future of travel at MWC21: Transforming Automotive & Mobility with 5G

Mobile technology is revolutionising the automotive industry and the entire mobility ecosystem, changing how we travel forever. While 4G LTE networks offer the benefits of a connected vehicle market, 5G will enable the market to scale to its full potential – with fully autonomous vehicles, societal benefits, value-added services and more business opportunities.

This session focuses on how technology is creating safer, greener and even more convenient travelling experiences for everyone.

Tuesday, 29 June: 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Theatre B, Hall 8.0

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Digital Identity in Automotive The power to connect on the move

What the GSMA is doing

The Automotive Identity project helps users to easily access their mobile, content and automotive services as they move between different cars, allowing them to use their own mobile subscription in vehicles that support an eSIM. This means users can make and receive calls using their phone number and obtain data connectivity using their smartphone data bundle.

With the right framework in place, the automotive industry could benefit from having mobile and automotive identities easily federated, thereby opening up new opportunities across various use cases.

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Connecting Vehicles Today and in the 5G Era, with C-V2X

The connected vehicle market is one of the highest growth areas in the IoT, delivering the biggest impact on the safety of citizens and huge revenue opportunities for the mobile and automotive industries. Our infographic shows why C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) technology will allow the market to scale to its full potential.

“Backed by a strong and diverse ecosystem of suppliers, C-V2X is commercially available and poised for widespread deployment in both vehicles and roadside infrastructure. Extensive testing and trials have demonstrated that C-V2X is consistently more reliable than alternative technologies – it is fast becoming the technology of choice for intelligent transport systems worldwide.” Jim Misener, Sr. Director and Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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Real-World Mobility ImplementationCar Wallets with Jaguar Land Rover And IOTA

Cars that can make and receive payments may sound like technology of the future, but it exists already. Jaguar Land Rover has implemented an IOTA wallet in their I-Pace vehicles, enabling them to receive payments for selling data, as well as make payments for things like parking and tolls.