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Introducing the MWC Barcelona 2022 Themes

Technology has proved itself to be a front line service, with 61% of the world’s population predicted to be logging online by 2025. Join GSMA’s Mark Callender and Kavit Majithia as they introduce the hottest themes that will shape MWC Barcelona 2022. Explore CloudNet, 5G Connect, Internet of Everything, Fintech, Tech Horizon and AI – and see how they will influence people, community and business.



Even before the global pandemic, the telecom industry has been managing over a decade of disruptions from digital-native companies like Uber and Netflix, who set a new standard for seamless online experiences. Networks continue to adapt in order to support service delivery and today, cloud is seen as a key enabler of large-scale transformation with the market projected to reach $75 billion by 2026. Cloud migration, private and public cloud, coupled with technologies such as OpenRAN and edge computing, can extract real value and create a new blueprint that resets network economics for the future, but it needs careful navigation to ensure value creation for mobile network operators.

*5G Connect*

5G Connect

By 2025, 5G networks will cover one-third of the world’s population, becoming increasingly fluid, flexible, and tailored to the needs of the user. Interoperability is at the heart of a connected 5G world and industry collaboration a cornerstone for its innovation. Use cases continue to grow as healthcare, automotive, aviation and manufacturing industries all look to mobile solutions and prove 5G is more than a new generation of technology. This theme will explore what tomorrow’s world looks like with 5G and the business models shaping its growth

*Internet of Everything*

Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything is the next evolutionary stage of the connected world. With over 40 billion devices, the growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies offers a new means to reimagine and transform physical spaces to be more adaptive, customized and to even anticipate new needs before they arise. Our homes, offices, cities, factories and public spaces are all changing and as the world begins to build back stronger and better, we now have tools available to support this effort.



Many operators have entered the financial service space over the past five to ten years, building fintech businesses with strong new assets and significant revenue growth. This trend is accelerating right across the globe as technology continues to reduce barriers and enable new disruptions and innovations as seen in the growth in digital currencies, NFTs and blockchain. The mobile eco-system is the heartbeat of fintech and MWC Barcelona is a natural home to explore this.

*Tech Horizon*

Tech Horizon

Putting a spotlight on high growth verticals such as healthcare, automotive and drones, mobile technology is becoming ever more integrated into our lives. The Tech Horizon theme aims to explore how mobile is transforming our future with innovations that go beyond the industry and deliver purpose. We continue to act for change in areas including climate and diversity, and as services, homes and cities continue to be transformed through digital, new tech horizons aims to inspire the next generation of disruptions and innovations, as we re-invent and re-imagine our world post-Covid.

*Advancing AI*

Advancing AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and innovation. And as networks gain more intelligence, the impact can be seen not only in network planning, but in every other aspect of business and industry. With global investment set to top £170 billion by 2025, geo-political lines are taking shape on AI's use of data and where and how collaboration is needed to develop new industry innovations such as quantum computing and robotics. The transformative impact of AI in networks and society is huge, and we’re still just scratching the surface.