Diversity4Tech at MWC Barcelona

Accelerating change, driving value and purpose

Diversity4Tech. Accelerating Change through MWC.

Diversity4Tech at MWC Barcelona builds on the success of Women4Tech, convening the industry and expanding conversations to include the wider case for equality, diversity and inclusion

Together, we can act as a catalyst for change, influence and inspire others to contribute to change, as well as acknowledge those who successfully impact individuals and society to thrive.

Inspired by the industries unified purpose and joint vision, necessary to transition from awareness to action. D4T accelerates the global industry’s drive for innovation and is indispensable to the bottom line –essential for the sustainable growth and well-being of society as a whole.

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Diversity4Tech (D4T) is all about Accelerating Change and driving value through a unified purpose and vision – moving from awareness, to action. This year, we’re focusing on four themes that enable society to thrive through diversity and inclusion.

Is technology a foe or ally on the journey to greater diversity and inclusion?

2020 proved to be a seminal year in which we saw the unprecedented reliance on technology. During a global pandemic, we saw social media platforms propel support for the Black Lives Matter movement. But while technology nudges the barometer for racial equality, AI algorithms still discriminate overwhelmingly against women of colour. With STEM careers still broadly unappealing to young girls, female founders are also facing barriers to be taken seriously by investors.

Technology can also be thanked for developments in assisted living which have revolutionised the lives of people living with both visible and invisible disabilities. So, it seems surprisingly illogical to learn that only 4% of tech companies include disability as part of their definition of diversity.

As we can see, there is a chasm in the technology sector between enabling change for good – and being the change for good. But now we must ask how we, the technology community, can accelerate our efforts so that businesses, individuals and society – can thrive for good.

Live streamed 2 – 3pm (GMT) Monday 8 March 2021

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A diverse culture is key for enhanced performance and success.

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