Health and Safety For an MWC Experience

Learn about how we worked with partners to create a safety approach approved by Catalan Health authorities, to combat the risk of Covid-19 for MWC Barcelona 2021.

A Committed MWC Community

Committed Community, our multi-layered health and safety plan, used technological and scientific advice to create an environment that addressed the risks associated with Covid-19.

No matter how our attendees or exhibitors travelled – our trusted partnerships provided layers of precautionary procedures, at every step of their journey.


Highlights from our multi-layered approach

Our Multi-Layered Safety ApproachCommitted Community

Our multi-layered safety approach focused on prevention, protection, mitigation, monitoring and maintaining safety.

The plan was developed and approved by the Catalan health authorities, responsible for the regulations governing MWC21, including the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Technical Committee of the PROCICAT.

Desktop multilayer safety graphic

Safety measures at Fira Barcelona

Perfect partners, committed to the community

We were proud to work with prestigious partners across Spain, including Fira Barcelona, transportation and hospitality industries, Spanish and Catalan governments, as well as Catalan medical authorities. From before flying to Barcelona, to returning back home again – we strived to be with our attendees at every step of the way to maintain a safe environment at the venue and all across the city.

Ensuring safety with our certified partners

Creating an environment that promoted peace of mind during MWC21 was made possible by working closely with independent certified partners – the experts who ensured we met the highest safety standards.


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