Find out about how we are keeping you safe at the event

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Keeping you safe at MWC Barcelona

At MWC Barcelona, we put safety first. By working closely with Fira Barcelona and the Host City Parties in Spain, we’ll incorporate all guidance to provide the best level of protection at the event.

When it comes to safety, we put you first. Here’s our health and safety measures that everyone will need to follow:

Surpassing safety standards

3 of the many ways we’re keeping you safe:

    • Collaborating with key partners and exhibitors
    • Partnering with the Spanish and Catalan governments, the Host City Parties and Fira de Barcelona.
    • Taking expert advice and health and safety direction from the WHO, scientific research, health and safety experts and Spanish and Catalan health authorities

A safer way to connect at MWC Barcelona

We all play a part in the safety of this event and this year, we’ve added Covid specific measures to our already high standards. Here are some of the health and safety measures that exhibitors and attendees will need to follow:

Social distancing and traffic flows

  • Social distancing consistent with local guidelines, currently a minimum of 1.5m, will be in force
  • All event spaces will ensure a crowd density of no less than 2.5m² per person
  • Exhibitors must observe strict stand capacity, flow requirements and stand design adjustments

Personal protective equipment

    • Protective face masks will be mandatory


      • Entry, information points and registration will be touchless
      • Hand sanitiser will be widely available
      • Enhanced cleaning measures will be implemented throughout the whole of the event
      • Stands will be frequently cleaned and disinfected
      • Hands must be sanitised before and after handling products or materials
      • Specific sterilisation regimes will be in place for audio-visual equipment


        • Exhibitors must ensure that all staff and contractors have received, as a minimum, training in the health and safety guidelines and rules provided

        The GSMA will abide by every step outlined in our health and safety guidelines and will enforce compliance throughout the event to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.