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Thu, 2 Mar: 10:00 - 13:00 CET


Keynote Stage, Hall 4



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Rapid advances in technology are poised to transform the world of education. Artificial intelligence, the metaverse, virtual reality, coding, robotics, machine learning and many others will have a significant impact on teaching, providing new opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate, learn, and engage.

At the same time, teachers themselves are developing new competencies and refining their pedagogical practices. By embracing technology, teachers and students alike can reap the benefits of a more engaging, personalized, and collaborative learning experience.

However, this shift has also presented new challenges for educators. They must now be proficient in using a wide range of digital tools and platforms and must be able to adapt to new technologies as they emerge. They must also be able to navigate the digital landscape, which can be a minefield of misinformation and distractions. Additionally, educators must ensure that technology is used in ways that are inclusive and equitable so that all students have access to the same opportunities to learn.

With the right approach, technology can be used to enhance the human experience of learning and teaching and to create more effective and engaging classrooms. We bring together experts and disseminators, teachers (in training and in practice) and students, creators and entrepreneurs, in a space of technological innovation and an international meeting point to explore the future of education.

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