The 2022 GLOMO Awards Shortlist

The 2022 GLOMO Award Shortlist


1a. CTO Choice: Outstanding Mobile Technology Award

• Shortlist not published

1b. Best Mobile Network Infrastructure

• AT&T, Ericsson and Ubicquia for Ericsson Street Radio

• Ericsson for Ultra-lightweight Massive MIMO 6419 platform with portfolio-wide energy savings

• Huawei for New Creative MetaAAU

• Huawei for New FDD Giga Band MIMO Modules

• Nokia for Nokia 7250 Interconnect Routers (IXR-e series)

1c. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

• Huawei for 5G Distributed Massive MIMO in Indoor Small Cells

• Huawei for 5G RAN Intelligence

• Huawei for MetaAAU Technological Breakthrough - ELAA and AHR Turbo

• Huawei for New FDD Giga Band MIMO Technology

• Samsung Networks for fully virtualized 5G RAN solution

• Turkcell and Red Hat for cloud-native AI innovation

1d. Best Network Software Breakthrough

• Mavenir for Mavenir’s Open Virtualized RAN

• MTN Group and Huawei for Autonomous Driving Network Solution

• NEC and Netcracker for Open RAN Automation

• Rakuten Mobile for 5G Open RAN

• Red Hat for Red Hat OpenShift

1e. Best Digital Tech Breakthrough for companies with under $10 million Annual Global Revenue

• AccelerComm for 5G physical layer IP for Open RAN that Maximises Spectral Efficiency

• ng-voice GmbH for Revolutionizing voice with a fully cloud-native and containerized solution

• Ontix for Metrohaul – Delivering Multi-Operator Neutral Host 4G & 5G-ready Connectivity Across the

Heart of London

• Summa Networks and X2ONE for VoLTEInAbox - simple solution for small carriers to go VoLTE /


1f. Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution

• AdaptiveMobile Security, an Enea Company for the World’s First Unified 5G Network Security


• Nokia for NetGuard XDR Security Operations

• Orange for Cyberfilter

• Veon Group for MobileID

• ZARIOT for ‘Empowering End-to-end IoT Ecosystem Security’

1g. 5G Industry Partnership Award

• Accenture and TIM Brasil for 5G Quality Inspection Use Case in Stellantis Automotive Pole in Goiana/PE,


• China Mobile, CISA and Huawei for Enabling Digital Transformation and Innovative 5G Services in the Steel

Industry for XISC, Liugang and JISCO

• China Unicom Beijing and Huawei for 5G Capital's Meta Life on Giga Society

• ZTE and 5G Smart Metallurgy Alliance for carbon neutralization in the electrolytic aluminum industry

• ZTE, China Unicom and Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Liaocheng for 5G Intelligent

Construction Site Projects


2a. Best Mobile Operator Service for the Connected Customer

• Bell Mobility for TSN 5G View

• KT for AI Smart Space DX

• Telkomsel and ZTE for Intelligent Closed-Loop Optimization of Mobile User Experience with


• TPG Telecom and Nokia for Building Australia’s smartest network

• Veon Group for MobileID

2b. Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy

• Midea Group, Huawei and China Unicom for Smart Warehouse Logistics Empowered by 5G


• Tianjin Port, Huawei and China Mobile for Port Renaissance, Intelligent Twin empowers a Smart,

Green Tianjin Port

• ZTE for E2E 5G TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) for Green Grid

2c. Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Human

• Authena for Connected end-to-end patient care

• Huawei for 5G Smart Healthcare Lights up Hainan Healthy Island

• KT for AI Care Service

• Samsung Electronics for the BioActive Sensor on Samsung Galaxy Watch4 & Galaxy Watch4 Classic

2d. Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Living

• Etisalat Group for Etisalat Smiles “Internet of Loyalties”

• PLDT Global Corporation for Free Bee App

• Safaricom for M-PESA App

• SK Telecom for Innovative Metaverse Service ‘ifland’


3a. Best Smartphone

• Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

• Google Pixel 6 Pro

• Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

3b. Disruptive Device Innovation Award

• Apple AirTag

• Fairphone 4

• Google Tensor Chip

• Oppo for its Hinge & Display Integration on the FIND N

• Samsung Galaxy Z Series

3c. Best Connected Consumer Device

• Huawei for Huawei VR Glass with 6 DoF gaming kit

• Microoled for ActiveLook AR connected glasses

• Vodafone Smart Tech for Neo

• ZTE for Next-Gen Cloud AI Home Security Camera Pro


4a. Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets

• Girl Effect - Your Virtual Big Sister On Demand

• Knowledge Platform for Bridging Digital Divide in Education

• Orange and Brastorne for Brastorne’s range of digital services including the mAgri service

• Safaricom and Huawei for Fuliza – An Overdraft Service

• Starlogik IP LLC for StarZRO

4b. Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations

• blackned for GuardStack enabling instant broadband services in disaster situations

• Dialog Axiata for 1390 Integrated National Health Care Solution

• Ericsson for Mission-critical 5G deployable network solution

• Hormuud Telecoms for The WAAFI APP

• Unmanned Life for Autonomous Search and Rescue Drone Operations

4c. Best Mobile Innovation for Accessibility & Inclusion

• Etisalat Group for Etisalat Wider Web

• Huawei for Huawei Intelligent Information Accessibility

• SK Telecom and Tuat for AI-based Visual Assistant Service ‘Sullivan Plus X NUGU’

4d. Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action

• China Mobile and Huawei for Green 5G Project

• KT for 5G Network Power Saving Technology

• Orange for Neva Leaf

• Telefónica and Ericsson for Green Radio - Intelligent software solution for Energy optimization

• ZTE for Green Native to reduce E2E ICT carbon emissions

4e. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

• Ericsson for Air Quality Monitoring Project in India

• Ghanaian Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, Ghanaian Investment Fund For Electronic Communications and Huawei for Addressing Digital Gaps to Support SDGs in Ghana

• Knowledge Platform for Bridging Digital Divide in Education

• Qualcomm for Qualcomm Wireless Reach and Hapinoy for Hapinoy Mobile Business Hubs

• Safaricom, Close the Gap and Huawei for DigiTruck Project

Category 5: Government Leadership Award

5a. Government Leadership Award

• Shortlist not published


6a. Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry

• Shortlist not published

6b. Diversity in Tech Award

• Shortlist not published

6c. Best Innovation for COVID-19 Pandemic Response & Recovery

• Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, NBTC and Huawei for “5G + F5G + Cloud Powered Smart Healthcare Innovation in Thailand for COVID-19”

• Huawei for EIHealth – COVID-19 Drug Mass Screening

• SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea for 5G-powered Disinfection Robot ‘Keemi’

• Telit and Controlant for Cellular IoT rollout for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

• Virusight Diagnostic for Fastest Pathogens Diagnosis

Category 7: 4YFN Awards

7a. 4YFN Awards

• Authena "Authena makes the world a more connected, transparent and authentic place, by enabling

instantaneous verifiable trust across entire value chains.” (Switzerland)

• Nax Solutions “SAAS that generates tailored and useful models using satellite images taking in

account all your crop conditions to help you to make better decisions learning from the pass and predicting

over the future, without being limited by clouds.” (Spain)

• IDUN Technologies “IDUN specialises in measuring brain activity through earbuds, providing

cognitive & emotional insights in real-time.” (Switzerland)

• Citibeats “Ethical AI Platform Providing Real-Time Social Leading Indicators” (Spain)

• ROYBI Robot “ROYBI Robot is an award-winning AI-powered educational companion for children”