Journey to the FutureExperience technology’s impact on tomorrow’s industries, communities and citizens.

Welcome to an amazing, hands-on experience of game-changing innovations. Back for its second edition, and bigger and better than ever, Journey to the Future is MWC Barcelona’s high-tech feature area that allows you to see, touch and interact with tomorrow’s connected world.

The future is innovative
The future is connected
The future is game-changing
The future is ours to shape

Located in Hall 6, Journey to the Future will offer attendees a unique opportunity to interact and experience the future of trailblazing technology and connectivity solutions.

The life-changing power of mobile tech

Leap into what’s next for Generative AI, Health, Mobility, Security, Sports, Sustainability and much more. What you see here will have a profound impact on business, individuals, communities and our day-to-day existence in the future, making our lives more convenient, efficient and sustainable. This is the power of connectivity.

Visit Journey to the Future in Hall 6

The companies changing the future

This feature space will host radical innovations from a number of different sectors. You will have a chance to gain hands-on experience with these innovations and find out first-hand how they will be revolutionising our lives. Stay tuned, as we begin to unveil the boundary-breaking companies that are using cutting-edge technology and connectivity in inspiring new ways.

  • HyperloopTT

    The HyperloopTT Capsule, brought to you by Mobility City, brings an immersive, hands-on experience of the next generation of high-speed mobility. It’s a train, but not as we know it.
  • Mossos d’Esquadra

    A system that brings together and manages information received from helicopters, drones, boats and other image and information-gathering devices so that intelligence services can have a 360 view of dangerous situations.
  • The Next Hospital

    Take a tour of the frontier of health tech with the Next Hospital. This area showcases advances in AI, IoT, Frontier Materials and Telemedicine that enable us to monitor our health more closely and receive more accurate diagnoses and treatments.
  • ABLE Human Motion

    You’ll be able to watch a real-use case of the ABLE Exoskeleton, a lightweight and slim design that allows individuals with mobility impairments to walk again.
  • Font Packaging Group

    Try your hand at building Font Packaging Group’s instant hospital bed, an effective eco-design made of cardboard that can be scaled up or down easily for use across humanitarian emergencies.
  • Bioo

    Meet the company Google has labelled the most disruptive in the world. Find out how music and art can be created with Bioo’s proprietary technologies that generate electricity from soil.
  • VEnvirotech Biotechnologies

    Interact with the creation of bioplastics and discover the stages of manufacturing: examine a replica waste preparation reactor, see how bioplastic is extracted from bacteria and then how stunning results are created with a 3D printer.
  • YBVR

    The Metaverse of sports comes to MWC Barcelona with ‘Xtadium’. Take part in a friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition with this immersive streaming technology.
  • Grup Mediapro

    Step into the future of entertainment through Mixed Reality from your living room. Immerse yourself in the heart of Camp Nou with the FC Barcelona or experience an audition with dancers ofthe famous Spanish TV series UPA Next.
  • Wide Eyes Technologies

    Experience the potential of the VISUAL AI for Fashion. Immerse yourself and interact with the power of AI-powered outfit recommendation system.