Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry

The GSMA’s award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry” recognises individuals, companies and organisations that have contributed in significant ways to the development of our industry and the advancement of mobile communications.

The winner of the GSMA’s 2018 award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry” is Huawei.

Founded 31 years ago, Huawei secured its first contract outside China only two decades ago.

During that time, the company has grown to become mobile operators’ largest supplier of networking equipment and services, introducing innovative new technologies and reducing costs related to network deployment and operation.

Huawei has played a leading role in areas such as devices, smart cities, smart grids, among many others. Through participation in over 360 standards bodies, industry organisations and open source communities, Huawei has been an active force in the development of our digital ecosystem.

Today, their advocacy of cloud-centric, on-demand business and a future dominated by artificial intelligence demonstrates their leadership in digital transformation and underscores their desire to partner with organisations and industries as they take their own digital transformation journeys.