The Green Mobile Award

Huawei for Zero-Footprint TubeStar Solution

The judges said – “New thinking that eliminates the need for equipment rooms or air conditioners – a reduced carbon footprint macro site showing how telcos are contributing to a green and sustainable world.”

Huawei Zero-Footprint TubeStar Solution integrates BBUs, RRUs, power supplies, transmission equipment, and batteries into an integrated tubular cabinet. This zero-footprint solution requires no equipment-rooms or air conditioners and uses an efficient mains power system, expediting site construction and reducing civil work. It introduces a new macro site deployment mode in urban areas, resolving the crucial bottleneck of site acquisition to enable the further development of operator services.  TubeStar further reduces equipment energy consumption, reduces tubular cabinet weight, simplifies site construction, slashes TCO, and minimizes site carbon footprint to help operators save energy and build a greener world.